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Speed Humps: Dangerous for Cyclists and Costly for Citizens

While speed humps have a litany of faults, most agree that their primary purpose is to protect the people outside of the moving automobiles: pedestrians, children and cyclists. Unfortunately, bicycles and speed humps don’t always go together. For cyclists, speed humps are jarring and potentially dangerous.

Distracted Drivers Likely to Speed

In Warrick County, Indiana, state police are concerned with the number of distracted drivers speeding along State Road 261. There are five schools in this area. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for the speeders to be distracted by their phone or some other diversion.

Understanding Speed Discrepancies: 4 Factors Affecting Radar-Captured Driver Speeds

Radarsign driver feedback signs use a small FCC-approved radar to measure how fast cars are traveling, so it’s not uncommon for us to field questions like this: “Why does the speed being flashed by the sign not match the speedometer speed?” The issue is complicated by the fact that there are so many different devices that can be used to measure speed today.

Speed Humps Accelerate Air Pollution

Mexico City plans to remove up to 30,000 speed bumps, or topes as they are called. This is part of a move to make traffic flow more efficiently and to improve air quality.

Speeding or Not? How can we tell?

Cars speeding through neighborhoods is, perhaps, the most common issue that residents bring to city officials and law enforcement. It is a natural concern. Speeding in residential areas endangers both lives and property.

“Affordable” Speed Bumps Are Costly

The city of Brookhaven, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb, is riddled with speed bumps. Drivers frequently use the quiet residential streets to bypass congested Atlanta thoroughfares. Residents, fed-up with the heavy cut-through traffic, are seeking additional traffic-calming solutions from the city.

Speed Humps: Delayed and Divisive

Residents in Queens, NY have been waiting four years for a speed hump. The DOT told residents that the hump was close to being installed in 2014 until a resident complained about its proposed location. Decisions about relocation have been hampered “due to driveways and other factors.”

Hocus Pocus Traffic Calming

Could an optical illusion be the solution to all of our speeding traffic woes? Not likely.
India’s Transportation Minister just announced that they are going to try using 3D paintings as speed breakers in an attempt to slow drivers on some of the nation’s thoroughfares.

FHWA Study Supports Use of Radar Speed Signs with Road Curves

Aurora, Colorado residents are concerned that cars speeding around the sharp curve in their neighborhood are soon going kill an innocent bystander. Within a two-month period, two cars have slammed into two different homes when the drivers lost control of their speeding vehicle. Driver feedback signs could be the answer this community needs.