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Could Rise in Motor Vehicle Deaths Make Traffic Calming a Primary National Focus for the Next 30 Years?

A jump in U.S. traffic deaths in the first part of 2016 follows a 2015 increase—which ended a five-decade trend of declining traffic deaths. As a result, the NHTSA has adopted a bold goal: “zero road deaths within 30 years.” With some 28 percent of all traffic fatalities involving speed, traffic calming may become a top focus for the nation through the year 2046.

Radarsign in the News: Police Officers Quarterly

An article in posted on PoliceOfficersQuarterly.com, “Using Radar Speed Signs to Help Solve Budget and Manpower Issues,” features Radarsign and explains how driver feedback signs can help police departments maximize resources.

Some of America’s Largest Companies Include Radarsign in Corporate Safety Plan

In the past nine months, three elite, U.S.-based companies—Georgia Pacific, General Mills and Tronox—have turned to Radarsign® for help in slowing speeding drivers on their corporate campuses. Radarsign is the manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed signs, which are scientifically proven to slow speeding drivers and alter driver behaviors.