Radarsign Foundation for Traffic Safety

As Radarsign expanded around the globe, opportunities for corporate generosity emerged. In 2012, we made the decision to formally launch a philanthropic arm—Radarsign Foundation for Traffic Safety. Today, Radarsign Foundation facilitates the strategic investment of corporate resources (financial, educational and in-kind donations of Radarsign products/services) to non-profit organizations focused on:

Child Pedestrian and School Zone Safety—There is nothing more tragic than the loss of life in a school zone or child pedestrian zone. Radarsign welcomes opportunities to partner with schools, PTA/PTSAs, children’s hospitals and municipalities to support initiatives focused on these issues.

Traffic-Calming Education—Radarsign is proud to support the creation and dissemination of traffic-calming studies, best practices and polls. Up-to-date intelligence—which can thoughtfully and intentionally advance issues related to road safety, speeding drivers, pedestrian and school zone safety—is the cornerstone of innovative traffic-calming solutions.

About Radarsign Foundation for Traffic Safety: Launched in 2012, Radarsign Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Atlanta-based Radarsign, the manufacturer of the world’s first armored driver speed sign. Radarsign Foundation provides resources—financial, educational and in-kind donations of Radarsign products/services—to initiatives that align with company’s core focus, traffic calming. Support is limited to efforts to improve child pedestrian safety, school zone safety, traffic-calming education or a combination of these.