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Traffic Calming Irritates Residents

Who knew that efforts to make a community safer would generate such controversy? Well, actually, many towns and cities across the country could attest to the divisive nature of speed humps and many of their vertical traffic calming cousins.

But, Are They Really Speeding?

One of the primary concerns that citizens bring to law enforcement agencies is neighborhood speeding. Those agencies that can deploy a radar speed sign to target those areas will not only slow the traffic, they may also discover that some speeding problems are more perception than reality.

Concrete Spheres Cause Confusion on St Louis Streets

Six intersections on St. Louis’ Compton Avenue recently received an interesting solution to their traffic problems, but many are wondering if the solution is worse than the problem. To narrow the intersections, the city installed concrete spheres on what was previously drivable street surface.

Speed Bump Blunder Costs City $10,000

Eleven days after workers from Yakima, Washington, installed speed bumps along North 53rd Avenue, they returned to rip them all out this is because residents were outraged about the problems that came with them. The disruptive bumps had been installed too close to driveways and on a steep hill where snow and ice accumulate. Additionally, “the city said they had to remove them because they weren’t doing their job of improving safety.”

Keeping Pedestrians Safe on Campus

An Evaluation of School Zone Traffic Control Strategies conducted a comprehensive review of related transportation studies to provide insight on best practices for school zone traffic safety. The study revealed that the presence of radar speed signs not only decreased speeding, but also changed driver behavior which led to an overall increase in safety throughout the school zone. 

First Responders Raise Alarm Over Speed Humps

Before the turn of the 21st century, speed humps were the go-to traffic calming solution for communities everywhere. However, much has been learned since then, and first responders are voicing their opposition to these disruptive devices.

NTSB: “Speeding is an underappreciated problem”

In a recently released safety study, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) wrote, “Although speeding is one of the most common factors in motor vehicle crashes in the US, it is an underappreciated problem, involved in about 10,000 highway fatalities each year.“