Radar Speed Sign Features

Our radar speed signs are attractive, easy to operate, and constructed with a rugged design for long life. 

Radar Speed Sign Features include:

Directional Beam Technology

  • Delivers a higher quality display for drivers, even in bright sunlight
  • Radarsign’s proprietary design includes LED cones, magnifying the intensity of the light
  • Delivers exceptional visibility by pinpointing light directly to the view of approaching drivers
  • Automatically adjusts the intensity of LEDs to ambient light conditions for maximum visibility

Durable Design

Radar speed sign feature - Thick armored Bashplate™

  • Heavy-duty aircraft aluminum housing
  • Thick armored Bashplate© and polycarbonate cover protect the LEDs and internal components from abuse, vandalism and weather
  • Makes Radarsign products the most vandal resistant signs available on the market today
  • Even 40 caliber bullets fired from point blank range did not penetrate the Bashplate, preventing internal damage to the sign

Radarsign faceplate size optionsAvailable in Three Sizes:

  • 11″ display with a 24″w x 21″h YOUR SPEED faceplate with 3″ high lettering (TC-400 readable up to 400 feet away)
  • 13″ full matrix display with a 28″w x 33″h YOUR SPEED faceplate with 4″ high lettering (TC-600 readable up to 600 feet away)
  • 17″ display with a 36″w x 44″h YOUR SPEED faceplate with 6″ high lettering (TC-1000 readable up to 1000 feet away)
  • Faceplates are available in white, fluorescent yellow/green, or safety orange.

Speed Alerts

Alert TC-400 TC-600 TC-1000
Slow flash of speed Yes Yes Yes
Fast flash of speed Yes Yes Yes
Flashing SLOW DOWN message No Yes Yes
Flashing TOO FAST message No Yes No
Smiley face, SHARP CURVE, 
left or right chevrons
No Yes
Simulated camera flash and white strobe No Yes
Red/blue flashing strobe No Yes (optional) No

Display On-Off Feature

  • Allows traffic data collection to continue even when the LED display is off (stealth mode)
  • Allows comparison of traffic data with the sign off compared with the sign on, proving its effectiveness in slowing speeders down

Four Daily Timers

  • Enable the radar speed sign to operate during user-defined times of day or to turn the sign off at night
  • Provides flexible scheduling capabilities for schools, business campus settings, and neighborhoods

Power Options

  • Available in solar powered, battery powered or AC powered models
  • Solar and battery models will operate for +/- 2 weeks on fully charged batteries.

Quality Standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality System
  • 100% MUTCD compliant
  • NEMA 3R (TC-400) and NEMA 4 (TC-600 and TC-1000) level compliant housing
  • Makrolon® polycarbonate cover provides maximum UV protection and is abrasion, shatter, and graffiti resistant.

Sign Communication Options


  • Allows access to program signs from any web enabled device (Apple, Android, and Windows devices, etc.)
  • Requires no proprietary or custom software to operate
  • WPA2 encrypted security
  • Password protected
  • Connection range of up to 300 feet from sign

Wi-Fi provides numerous capabilities and benefits over Bluetooth.

  • 10x faster, two weeks of download data takes less than 10 seconds
  • 10x range, typical Bluetooth range is 10 to 30 feet.  Wi-Fi is operational up to 300 feet away, allowing the user to remain in their vehicle, whether across the street, down the block, or behind the sign
  • BYOD, bring your own device: use any smart phone, tablet, or laptop that has Wi-Fi and a web browser
  • Easy interface for anyone familiar with going to a website
  • No more custom software required, just go to the radar sign’s web address, and a web page for operation pops up
  • OTA (over the air) updates: Allows the wireless delivery of software updates and upgrades directly to the radar speed sign. This is not possible with Bluetooth.
  • No more Bluetooth issues with pairing codes and Com Port numbers

EZ Comm (optional) is a cellular based remote sign management system with a 15 month pre-programmable calendar. Provides central management from a single browser-based user interface.(optional)