Repairs and Upgrades

If you experiencing a problem with your sign please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide first to diagnose any issues and resolve them prior to requesting a return. Often times it is a simple programming, installation, or maintenance issue, not a sign operation issue, that is preventing the sign from operating properly.

If after troubleshooting your sign it is determined the sign requires a repair, a refurbishment, or an upgrade there are two types of returns:

  • Warranty Repair
    For signs that are two years old or less with an issue covered by the Radarsign Limited Warranty Agreement, the sign will be repaired at no cost for parts or labor.

  • Refurbishment of sign that is not under warranty (older than two years)

    The “standard of care” for signs more than two years old is to provide an electronics overhaul. An overhaul of your sign includes the following*:

      • Replacement of CPU board, radar interface board, and radar component
      • Two new 18 amp/hour batteries for TC-500S, TC-600S, and TC-1000S solar models that use them
      • Replacement of Bluetooth transmitter with Wi-Fi transmitter
      • Upgrade of sign code to the latest version
      • Return ground shipping
      • New 1 year warranty on entire sign 

*The refurbishment of the sign does not cover any housing repair.

Sign Model Refurbishment Fee
TC-400 (battery power) $850  (does NOT include batteries)
TC-500A (AC power) $850
TC-500Z (solar power w/o batteries) $850
TC-500B or SB (battery power) $1195 (includes conversion to solar sign, 50 watt panel, and mounting bracket;
cannot be used as battery only anymore, no plug remains for wall charger)
TC-500S (solar power) $995
TC-600A (AC power) $850
TC-600Z (solar power w/o batteries) $850
TC-600S (solar power) $995
TC-1000A (AC power) $1050
TC-1000S (solar power) $1195

To determine what model sign you have, look at the serial number label on the sign.

Each sign serial number begins with SNTC followed by the model number and 6 digits.The first digit indicates the sign model number. 

If you would like to return your sign for either a Warranty Repair or a Refurbishment, please submit a Sign Return Request form below.

You will need to provide your 6 digit sign serial number for your request. Please note when filling out your request that the refurbishment fee varies by size of sign and/or how the sign is powered. (AC/solar/battery).

A Radarsign customer service representative will review your request and will contact you within 2 business days.

Sign Return Request (RMA)