A Few Extra Minutes Can Help Keep Everyone Safer

With Labor Day in the rear view mirror, the school season is officially in full swing around the country. With this comes a concentrated number of high school drivers in school zones, backed-up car-rider lanes, and many parents who are running late after being stuck behind school busses. These annual traffic hazards have police in Wausau, Wisconsin reminding commuters the importance of driving slow through school zones.

“It’s important that we just slow down and realize that the extra couple of minutes that it takes to get to work may keep everyone safe in the long run,” Lieutenant Dana Williams told WSAW.

To get drivers to slow down, this police department is placing officers in school zones as visual reminders for drivers to pump the breaks and follow the posted speed limit. While the Wausau community has found success in using man power to achieve this, smaller communities with fewer officers may need an alternative solution.

Earlier this year, Radarsign released a product with communities like these in mind. Hyper-Alerts ™ are compact clusters of flashing LED lights built right into the “YOUR SPEED” faceplate of the TC-600 full matrix radar speed sign, delivering a significantly more compact solution than traditional beacons. The Hyper-alerts flash at oncoming cars while the speed display provides feedback showing them their traveling speed, reminding them to slow down.

Placed in school zones, these signs are powerful tools that help to keep everyone safe. Learn more about the Hyper-Alerts here.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing