School Zone Safety

School Zone Safety: Test Results

Residents were sick and tired of their streets being treated like speedways. With drivers often ignoring even crossing guards, city officials began looking for solutions. They asked Radarsign to conduct a test. First measure the speeding problem, then do something about it. And we did.

Watch below to see just how dramatically speeds were reduced after the signs were turned on.

kids running to school

Pedestrian safety is a top priority in school zones and on school campuses everywhere. With 20% of the 55 million school children walking or biking to school, reducing driver speed in school zones is more critical than ever.

While there are many causes for traffic accidents, driver speed is cited as the root source of 33% of all traffic fatalities.

  • A pedestrian hit by a car traveling 40 mph has an 85 percent chance of being killed. At 30 mph, those odds decrease to 55 percent. By contrast, the chance of a pedestrian being killed if hit by a car moving at 20 mph is only 15 percent.*
  • A vehicle traveling 40 mph will still be going 36 mph when it hits a person who suddenly appears in the street 100 feet ahead of it; however the average driver going 25 mph would be able to come to a full stop within 100 feet. *
  • A driver sending or receiving a text message spends 4.6 seconds with their eyes off the road. In that time, a driver would travel 150 feet at 22 mph, 200 feet at 30 mph and 250 feet at 37 mph. **

During pick-up and drop-off times, 20% of the cars were speeding with some going as fast as 35 mph. After installing Radarsign’s driver feedback sign, only 8.5% are speeding, a 57% reduction!

I couldn’t tell you the last time we’ve had an incident since installing our TC-600S signs. People see that speed flashing and they slow down immediately. It really catches everyone’s eye and we’re very pleased with our Radarsign purchase.

Our law enforcement was seeing that they didn’t need to have as many officers on duty in the school zones once the signs went up. The sheriff was able to pull resources out of the school zones because the citizens were now respecting the speed limits. I’d say that, over all, speeds were cut in half by using the radar signs.

Is Your School Zone Safe?

As America’s School Zone Safety Partner, Radarsign has published a best practices and step-by-step evaluation checklist so you can determine how safe your school zone is.

mobile patrol stand used in school zone

Funding Options

Grant funding is available for roadway safety measures which include traffic calming devices such as a radar speed sign.

Reference Guide to Grant Funding for Radar Speed Signs

Other options include:

  • PTA fundraising project
  • Donations from local “big box” retailers who want to be good corporate citizens
  • Donations from concerned local civic groups

Flashing Beacon Options

Radarsign offers two flashing beacon options that provide traffic calming in school zones. Compare them to see which works best for your traffic calming needs.