Business, Commercial, and Industrial Traffic Calming Applications and Solutions

Corporate, commercial and industrial campuses have a lot of daily pedestrian activity. As a result, businesses find that radar speed signs placed on high traffic roads around the campus or plant site make the roads safer for employees, pedestrians and drivers. Radarsign’s systems provide an effective, traffic calming solution because they alert drivers of their speed.

Data collected at a South Carolina manufacturing facility over an 18 month period yielded the following results:

  • % of speeders dropped from 47% to 21%
  • Of the vehicles still speeding, 95% were going 5 MPH or less over the 20 MPH speed limit
  • Customer purchased a second sign for another location on their campus
Driver feedback sign at Michelin plant entrance

The sign is definitely reducing speeds. We know the communication is working, too, because everyone is talking about the sign and the strobes. And due to the fact that we just ordered two more signs, I’d say that speaks for itself.

We considered 3 or 4 other manufacturers, but Radarsign’s package with Streetsmart software, colored strobes and messaging was a better combination for our needs. The others all seemed to be missing one key element.

When we installed the signs, we saw a 75% improvement as people became aware of how fast they were driving. That means they’re paying attention.

Radarsign’s StreetSmart data collection software is very easy to use once it is installed. And the Radarsign speed signs are easy to use, they really are plug and play. The signs have helped considerably in slowing drivers by making them aware of their speed.

Featured Video: Holliday Sand and Tulsa County Use Radarsign to Slow Speeding Drivers


Traffic Calming Applications for Businesses, Corporate Campuses, & Plant Sites

  • Multi-modal terminal
  • Controlled campus roads
  • Dock traffic
  • Primary facility entrance
  • Forklift traffic
  • Parking decks

Radarsign has a variety of radar speed sign models and radar speed sign bundles to choose from. Compare our models and see which one is the best traffic calming solution for you.