AC and Solar Flashing Beacons

Dependable, Visible, Effective.

Whether you're managing school zones, protecting pedestrian crossings, or ensuring driver compliance at busy intersections, Radarsign’s flashing beacons deliver unmatched visibility and reliability. Designed for durability and exceptional performance, our range of AC and solar-powered beacons make safety a priority in any setting.

AC Powered Flashing Beacons from Radarsign with School Zone Speed Limit Sign


Consistent Operation: Ideal for areas with stable power access, our AC-powered beacons provide continuous, dependable visibility. They operate effectively in diverse weather conditions, ensuring consistent alertness in urban settings, commercial districts, and more.

Easy Integration: These beacons seamlessly connect with existing power infrastructures, making installation straightforward and maintenance minimal.

Radarsign Solar Powered Flashing Beacons with School Zone Speed Limit Sign


Sustainable and Efficient: Perfect for locations without readily available electrical infrastructure, our solar-powered beacons utilize renewable energy to provide excellent visibility while reducing operational costs and environmental impact.

Autonomous Functionality: These beacons are especially useful in remote or hard-to-wire areas, offering the flexibility to be installed virtually anywhere sunlight is available. Their self-sustaining design minimizes maintenance needs.

Key Features for Flashing Beacons

Choose Radarsign’s Standard Flashing Beacons for a reliable safety enhancement to any area needing increased visibility and alertness.


Super bright amber LEDs effectively communicates safety alerts in parking lots, construction zones, and pedestrian areas.


Constructed from tough materials, Radarsign beacons are designed to endure the elements, providing long-lasting service and reliability.


Designed to be easy and intuitive, from installation and programming to data collection.

Included with every beacon product

Advanced Scheduler

The Advanced Scheduler is a date driven program that allows pre-programming your radar speed sign with multiple schedules, for months or years in advance. The Advanced Scheduler is especially useful for scheduling in School Zones or areas where events occur on a regular basis. 


• Access flashing beacons and/or radar speed sign via Wi-Fi up to 300 feet

• Allows local downloads to smart phone, tablet, or laptop 

• Multiple year pre-program periods

• Up to 24 schedules accepted and 24 exception days allowed 

• Indefinite retention of schedule in case of primary power failure

• Automatic daylight savings timer management

Radarsign Advanced Scheduler flashing beacon programming software on a black laptop against a yellow background

Flashing Beacon Specifications

Yellow Flashing Beacon Signal Head with Amber LEDs