Military Base Traffic Calming Applications and Solutions

Whether at work or at home, safety is a primary concern for our military forces. While some elements cannot be controlled, the safety on the streets of our military bases can. Radarsign’s radar speed signs are making roads safer by alerting speeding drivers and slowing them down. The most energy-efficient, traffic-calming solution in the industry, Radarsign products are manufactured in the USA and engineered to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, and are vandal resilient, bullet resistant and shock absorbent.

Radar Speed Sign Options

Radarsign has a variety of radar speed sign models and radar speed sign bundles to serve your traffic calming needs.

military base traffic calming with radar speed sign
Safety in a Box radar speed sign bundle

Safety in a Box

Radarsign has made implementing traffic calming systems simple with Safety in a Box™, which requires no configuration and is a complete package for the end user. This all inclusive sign package has everything needed for installation except the shovel and the concrete. All that is required is digging a hole, pouring the concrete, and installing the sign. It’s that easy.

Portable Radar Speed Signs

The TC-400 battery power radar speed sign offers the ultimate in portable traffic calming. With a modular design, the front and rear of the sign cabinet detach from each other, providing maximum ease of portability The TC-400 includes a universal mounting bracket that can be installed on any size/style pole in just a couple of minutes. Additional brackets left on poles allow you to create a circuit to regularly rotate the sign location with ease, allowing same day response to speeding complaints. Just unlock the sign from the pole and move it to another location. It’s that quick and easy.

Our mobile options include the Mobile Patrol Stand and the trailer hitch mount.

Radarsign has a variety of radar speed sign models and radar speed sign bundles to choose from. Compare our models and see which one is the best traffic calming solution for you.

Mobile Patrol Stand