Reference Guide to Grant Funding for Radar Speed Signs

Traffic Calming Grants for Radar Speed Signs: Funding Sources & Success Stories

Speeding drivers is one of the primary concerns facing communities and municipalities around the country. With an increase in pedestrian accidents, civic leaders may consider a number of solutions, including vertical, horizontal and digital technologies.

While each of these can be both attractive and effective, vertical and horizontal options require construction, which is costly and disruptive. Only radar speed signs as a digital technology offer a scalable option that works within all budgets. These driver feedback signs are scientifically proven to be effective and can be installed quickly and used immediately. And because drivers, bicyclists, public transit and law enforcement like them, communities across the U.S. are using grant funds to add them to their overall traffic calming plan.

Communities hoping to implement radar speed signs can run into challenges related to funding. When local municipal budgets can’t cover the cost, even the most well-planned efforts will face delays or cancellation. However, there are alternative funding sources that can close this gap, for example: federal and state government grants and corporate benevolent funds, including monies from nonprofit organizations.</span>



Here are some profiles of model communities that have successfully used grants and driver feedback signs to make their communities safer.

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