Traffic Safety Grant Information and Resources

Where can you find traffic safety grant information and resources available in your area? There are three types of traffic safety grants generally available to provide funding for traffic safety programs in your neighborhood, community or school zone: federal grants, state grants, and local government grants. 

  • Local city officials – For cites of more than 40,000 residents, there is usually a grant manager employed full time
  • County officials – For unincorporated areas, most counties also employ a grant manager
  • Visit your state, city, or county website – often there is a statewide special local option sales tax that can be earmarked for transportation improvements
  • Grant/funding websites

Listed below are links to assist you in obtaining funding for your traffic calming program.

Government grants listing and application 
Comprehensive Guide to getting a grant
Police Grants Information and Assistance
Police Grants Help-Grant Listings Database
State Farm Sponsored Community Grants