Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today. Here is what our customers have to say about us.

If I put a sign on someone’s road, we immediately get texts thanking us that it’s there. Some residents have volunteered their property for the next place to put the signs.

Our community is very supportive of the signs. My boss, the sheriff, is very supportive. I can’t praise the signs enough

Some of our Radarsigns have been up for more than 12 years, and we’ve never even had to upgrade. They just work.

I am very pleased with the performance of the radar sign. It has helped considerably with the speed control on one of our busiest streets, and I also like the ability to download traffic data off the device.

The data from the signs helped us identify one area that we thought had a speeding problem. But we learned it was much worse than we thought. People are ecstatic about the sign. It does slow traffic. The sign helps in two ways. It slows drivers who are speeding and it informs residents who think cars are speeding that they often are not.

The Radarsign signs are leaps and bounds better than the other product we have. The size, portability and mounting is easier with Radarsign. I highly recommend them to other agencies.

My guys download the traffic data from onto their Apple and Android phones without a problem.

I looked at lots of vendors, but I bought from Radarsign because the city I live in uses them. A couple of cities around us have signs from a competitor, but I didn’t like the way their displays looked. The TC-400s are brighter and easier to read from a distance.

With the sign, we’ve seen a 12-15 percent reduction in speed. I’m very happy: it’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do.

I have noticed a significant difference since the installation of the Radarsign speed signs deterring speeders.

We have only one patrol officer. People complain about speeders but we can’t keep an officer everywhere. This is like our second police officer.

The signs are working great and are really a big help. Drivers see the blue light and slow down automatically. It’s a good deterrent. One particular area had had several accidents. Since we installed the signs, the accidents have stopped. Bottom line: it’s working and makes it safe for everybody.

We used to have a speed trailer but it didn’t track data. We like the portability of the TC-400 and the data that it provides. It is effective in assuring residents that their speeding concerns are being addressed.

As of Oct 25, 2019, I retired from the City of Muscle Shoals. Thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the years. I wish all vendors were as easy to work with as Radarsign, LLC.

From the website to the purchase to the easy installment: This is the BEST TRAFFIC CALMING TOOL OUT THERE TODAY!

The signs work really great. The displays are bright and grab your attention. Every so often, I park and watch traffic moving through the park. A good majority of people will hit the brakes.

We decided to leave the signs up last winter. We weren’t sure what to expect as far as performance, but they were operational all winter long.

We recently reduced the speed limit on our railroad tracks to 10 mph. We were looking for options to keep the locomotives within the speed limit. This has helped them reduce their speed and things are running pretty smooth now.

Streetsmart software is super easy to use…It’s easy to download data and upload the info; it gives us good information and lets us know if we need to be able to sit at that location at a certain time.