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Radarsign Reduces the Number of Speeding Drivers in School Zone by 50%

School Zones

Response to Speeding Drivers Turns into Communications Tool for Florida Development

Neighborhoods | HOAs | Private Communities

Even paradise has its share of speeders. Just ask Wilderness Lakes Preserve, a 680-acre residential and recreational area north of Tampa Bay, FL. With 6 acres of recreational facilities, more than 950 homes and 3 offsite parks, there are people coming and going all the time….

Auto Auction Employs Radarsign Equipment for Safety (Manheim Omaha)

Businesses | Commercial | Industrial

Moving cars from one location to another seems like it would be straightforward. You start the vehicle, drive it where it needs to go, then move on to the next one.  But when auto actions are your business, add in frequent vehicle deliveries plus individuals driving…

Radarsign Helps Pace Parking Lots at Major Automobile Manufacturer Facility (Hyundai)

Businesses | Commercial | Industrial

If you’ve ever been around right before shift change, you know that lots of people get antsy to get home — and sometimes they don’t make the safest decisions about how fast to drive. A major auto manufacturer was having that particular issue in late 2019….

How the City of West Peoria Is Using the Radarsign TC-400


In February of 2020, the city of West Peoria, IL, purchased a Radarsign TC-400. That purchase was in response to a growing number of complaints from residents that drivers were speeding on their streets with estimated speeds at 70 miles per hour. Understandably, city leadership needed…

Texas Town Works With Residents to Deter Speeders (Seabrook, TX)


When you’ve finally taken enough complaint calls that you can’t dismiss them any longer, it’s time to take action. And that’s just what a community along the Texas Gulf Coast did. The director of Public Works said complaints about speeding in neighborhoods were escalating. The city…

Village of Wilmette Chooses Radarsign for Flexibility, Portability, Response to Residents


The Village of Wilmette, IL, borders Lake Michigan along Chicago’s scenic North Shore. Traditionally, the village relied on plate counters for traffic calming, but it became frustrating when the devices couldn’t operate effectively because of on-street parking, causing skewed readings instead of accurate information. Then residents…

Radarsign addresses small town traffic issues ‘more effectively than speed bumps’ (Rutherfordton, NC)


Rutherfordton, population 4,200, nestles in the western foothills of North Carolina between Asheville, Spartanburg and Charlotte. It’s a town rich in history, founded in 1787. In 2018, the community was concerned about speeders; conventional wisdom said that speed bumps were the answer. “We didn’t want to…

Car approaching a radar speed sign

Missouri Sheriff’s Dept. Applies Data to Resource Management: How Platte County is Focusing on New Tech to Serve & Protect

Law Enforcement Agencies

When you manage the patrol division of a large U.S. law enforcement agency, you need to know you’re putting your officers where they’re needed most ‒ and at the right time. That’s exactly why Captain Joseph King is focused on being able to identify when there’s…