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Radarsign in the News: Hall County Sheriff’s Office is A Shining Example of How Corporate and Private Donations Can Make Communities Safer

Each year, the Hall County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) fields hundreds of calls from citizens about speeding drivers. For calls like these, HCSO would often deploy their 20-year-old speed trailer. But the aging trailer was no longer dependable to hold a charge, and its bulky size made placement difficult, severely limiting its usefulness. HCSO wanted to replace the trailer with a portable radar speed sign. However, the budget would not accommodate the purchase, and attempts to secure grant funds were unsuccessful. That’s when Radarsign stepped in to help.

City Managers and Clerks Choose Radarsign for Traffic Calming

While elected officials may establish policies and approve budgets for cities and towns across the country, it is often the city clerks and managers—who are appointed to their positions—who are tasked with executing these policy decisions. When it comes to implementing a traffic calming program, time and again, these city managers and clerks are looking to Radarsign®—the manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed sign.

Could Rise in Motor Vehicle Deaths Make Traffic Calming a Primary National Focus for the Next 30 Years?

A jump in U.S. traffic deaths in the first part of 2016 follows a 2015 increase—which ended a five-decade trend of declining traffic deaths. As a result, the NHTSA has adopted a bold goal: “zero road deaths within 30 years.” With some 28 percent of all traffic fatalities involving speed, traffic calming may become a top focus for the nation through the year 2046.