Radarsign News Releases

Radar signs help curb speeding in Richmond, mayor says

February 14, 2024

The city council of Richmond, VA recently voted to purchase new solar-powered radar signs to replace the battery-powered units they’ve had for several years. Mayor Tim Rix vouched for the technology: “It definitely works. That portable has been on my street. It slows people right down.”

Radarsign in the News: AR City, Schools using Radarsign Technology to Protect Students

July 14, 2023

Collaboration was the name of the game as the city of Prairie Grove, AR, Prairie Grove School District, and PG Telco worked together to purchase and install eight new driver speed signs manufactured by Radarsign. Seven of the signs are in school zones; the eighth will be used on a traffic trailer at various locations around the city.

Radarsign in the News: NC Sheriff says TC-400 ‘worth every penny’

February 28, 2023

OFFICER Magazine spoke with Gates County, NC, Sheriff Ray Campbell about how he maximizes resources and creativity to police his jurisdiction. One of Campbell’s weapons? The TC-400 radar speed sign from Radarsign.

Radarsign in the News: Serious accidents lead Pima Co., AZ to post radar speed signs for safety

January 16, 2023

At least three serious accidents in recent months, including one that was fatal, spurred the signs’ installation by the PCSD Community Engagement Team.

Radarsign in the News: South Carolina Neighborhood trusts Radarsign to Calm Speeds

October 3, 2022

Two new Radarsign brand radar speed signs now remind drivers of the posted speed limit, as well as the speed they’re driving.

Radarsign in the News: Illinois town sees fewer speeders using Radarsign brand driver speed sign

August 16, 2022

Police chief says safety is a big concern, especially with kids heading back to school.

Radarsign Announces 2 New Driver Feedback Signs with Larger Displays, Modular Design & Enhanced Safety Features

June 1, 2022

Radarsign adds two new models, the TC-800 and TC-1100, to its line of traffic calming solutions. The new models boast enhanced safety features, larger displays and modular design.

Radarsign in the News: Arizona Town selects Radarsign for Traffic Safety Corridors

April 1, 2022

In an effort to combat negative driver behaviors, the Town Council of Fountain Hills, AZ designated two Traffic Safety Corridors and chose Radarsign brand driver speed signs to calm traffic through the heart of town.

Radarsign in the News: How Driver Speed Signs Work

February 26, 2022

Why do Radarsign products work? Do they actually impact driver behavior? OFFICER magazine spoke with Radarsign execs to learn the answers.

Radarsign in the News: Calif. Businesses Fund Signs to Keep Students Safe

August 10, 2021

The students of Humbolt County, CA, will be safer when school starts because two local businesses, North Fork Lumber and Green Diamond, cared enough to fund two new driver speed signs from Radarsign. The solar-powered signs were installed near a school bus stop.

Radarsign in the News: Montana County installs 3 Driver Speeds Signs from Radarsign

June 28, 2021

Like many municipalities, Roundup, MT wants to keep its residents — especially the kids — safe. With the help of the Musselshell County sheriff, the town recently installed 3 driver speed signs from Radarsign as a friendly reminder about the town’s speed limit.

Radarsign in the News: Missouri Sheriff’s Dept. uses Data to determine Patrol Needs

April 1, 2021

Officer.com features a new story about how Capt. Joseph King of the Platte County, MO Sheriff’s Dept. chose a different route when the department’s speed trailer couldn’t deliver the intelligence they needed. Now his team is incorporating data from their Radarsign brand driver radar signs to target where officers need to patrol — and when.