TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign

with 11" LED Display

Discover the TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign, a versatile and mobile solution for traffic calming. Ideal for use in various settings like school zones, residential areas, and construction sites, the TC-400 effectively slows down traffic, enhancing road safety. Its lightweight design, easy installation, and energy-efficient operation make it an essential tool for immediate traffic management needs.


The TC-400 features an 11″ LED display, ensuring that speed readings are easily readable from a distance of up to 400 feet.

Speed Range

The TC-400 is designed for roads with traffic speeds ranging from 5 to 45 mph, making it suitable for use in residential areas and lower-speed zones.

Power Options

This model is available in both battery-powered and AC-powered versions, providing flexibility in deployment based on your specific needs and available power sources.


Compliant with MUTCD standards for sign color, size, and lettering. Available faceplate colors include a white background for regulatory signs, yellow for general warnings, fluorescent yellow/green for pedestrian crossings and school zones, and orange for roadway work zones.


Portable Radar Speed Signs vs. Speed Trailers

Tool Free Install

The TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign delivers unparalleled flexibility for traffic calming. Easily mounted on an existing pole with a pre-installed bracket, this mobile speed display sets up in under a minute without any tools, ideal for locations unsuitable for traditional speed trailers.


Lightweight and portable, the TC-400 swiftly enhances road safety with its ability to respond to speeding complaints on the same day. Its rapid deployment capabilities ensure immediate traffic management in critical areas.


Unbeatable Value

Offering remarkable value, the TC-400 allows you to deploy two to three units for the cost of one traditional speed trailer. This cost-effectiveness makes it an excellent option for expanding road safety measures across various locations, enhancing your overall traffic management strategy.

The Signature of Quality

Blue Blinky™ | Radarsign Exclusive

Blue Blinky™ offers immediate visual confirmation that our radar speed signs are active and effectively monitoring traffic. This immediate feedback ensures that every Radarsign device is functioning as expected, without interruption.

Unique to Radarsign, Blue Blinky™ is more than just a functional element; it’s a hallmark of our brand's quality and reliability. When you spot that distinct blue glow, you're witnessing the Radarsign difference.

Radarsign Radar Speed Sign with white faceplate, Radarsign Blue Blinky Blue LED, and 11-inch LED display showing speed '35'.
Portable Radar Speed Sign Displaying 30 Over Speed Limit 25


The TC-400 is compatible with our Mobile Patrol Stand, making it ideal for managing dynamic traffic patterns and enhancing safety in areas with changing activities throughout the day, including:

  • School Zones
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Work Zones and Construction Zones
  • Residential and Commercial Complexes
  • Parking Structures
  • Event Venues
  • Sports Stadiums

TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign Specifications

Our longstanding exclusive feature, Blue Blinky™, is a testament to this commitment. This distinctive blue LED, embedded in the center of our radar speed signs, serves as a reliable indicator of operational status, providing accurate speed detection and consistent driver feedback.

Why Trust Blue Blinky™?

  • Instant Confirmation:Blue Blinky™ offers immediate visual confirmation that our radar speed signs are active and effectively monitoring traffic. This immediate feedback ensures that every Radarsign device is functioning as expected, without interruption.
  • Signature Feature:Unique to Radarsign, Blue Blinky™ is more than just a functional element; it’s a hallmark of our brand's quality and reliability. When you spot that distinct blue glow, you're witnessing the Radarsign difference.
  • Enhanced Trust:Blue Blinky™ is not merely a feature—it's a symbol of our enduring commitment to excellence. Each illumination reinforces our pledge to provide steadfast speed enforcement solutions.

Advancing Road Safety with Blue Blinky™

Our dedication to enhancing traffic safety shines with each flash of Blue Blinky™. As the sole provider of this feature, Radarsign stands out as a leader in traffic safety solutions. Operating in varied settings from school zones to high-risk roadways, Blue Blinky™ offers the reassurance that you are under the vigilant protection of a fully functional Radarsign.


  • Speed Display Numbers: 11″ tall speed display numbers; capable of showcasing 2 digits, with readability up to 400 feet
  • Ideal Speed Range: Ideal for roads with traffic speeds ranging from 5 to 45 mph
  • LED Configuration: Super bright amber LEDs; Life up to 100,000 hours
  • Enhanced Visibility Design: Laser cut flat black mask enhances visibility of LED display when illuminated; Ensures completely dark display when LEDs are off
  • Adjustable Display Brightness: Display brightness fully automatic or user adjustable


  • Standard Alerts: Include SPEED with 3 flash rate options
  • Speed Display Flash Rates: MUTCD flash (approx. 55-60 fpm); slow flash (approx. 90 fpm); fast flash (approx.140 fpm)
  • Optional Strobe Alerts: Available options include red strobe alert; blue strobe alert; alternating red/blue strobe alert (police flash); white strobe alert (capable of simulating a camera flash)


  • Dimensions: 24″W x 21″H with 3″ high lettering
  • Color Options: Available in white, yellow, fluorescent yellow/green, and safety orange


The battery-powered model features a modular design comprising a front radar speed sign housing and a rear battery housing. These components can be detached from each other, allowing the sign to be easily moved and used in different locations. Installation is quick and easy, and is a great alternative to speed trailers.

  • Operation: Operates +/- 2 weeks on 2 fully charged batteries; 10 hour recharge period
  • Power Supply: Dual 12-volt, 20 amp/hour, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries with 3A charger
  • Power Consumption: < 2.0 amps (24w) at maximum display intensity; Idle mode: < 1/2 watt
  • Batteries have internal short circuit, over current, under and over voltage protection
  • Battery Status Monitoring: Check battery charge levels via Wi-Fi


The AC-powered model features a radar speed sign housing only and is specifically wired for an AC power connection. This model is designed for use in parking decks and indoor warehouse locations.

  • Operates 24/7 with AC power supply
  • Power Supply: Hard wire to 100 VAC-240 VAC power supply
  • Power Consumption: < 2.0 amps (24w) at maximum display intensity; Idle mode: < 1/2 watt
  • Circuit Breaker: Multi-circuit, 10 amp fuse


  • All power inputs are infused and reversed assembly protected
  • All circuit boards are conformally coated for extra protection
  • Automatic reset and watch-dog circuitry ensure the sign returns to normal operation without the need for user intervention
  • Type: K Band, single direction Doppler radar | FCC part 15 compliant | No license required
  • Sensor Range: Detects vehicles up to 1200 feet
  • Beam Width: 12 degrees, +/- 2 degrees
  • Operating Frequency: 24.125 GHz, +/- 50 MHz
  •  Accuracy: +/- 1.0 mph
  • Speed Detection Range: 5-127 mph | 8-198 Kph


  • Thickness: Constructed with .185″ thick aluminum, silver powder coat finish
  • Compliance Standards: NEMA 3R level compliant
  • Humidity Maximum: 100%
  • Dimensions: 16.25″H x 22.75″W x 2.375″D


  • Thickness: Constructed with .185″ thick aluminum, silver powder coat finish
  • Dimensions: 12.5″H x 17″W x 3.625″D
  • The housing can hold up to two field exchangeable 12-volt batteries, with each battery weighing 6 lbs.


For the Battery Power Sign: Universal Mounting Bracket (Dimensions:12.75″H x 4.5″W x 2.9”D)

  • Versatile Mounting Options: Enables strapping, banding, pipe clamps, or bolting to almost any size or style of pole
  • Efficient Installation: Pre-installed brackets facilitate sign installation in less than a minute with no tools required

For the AC Power Sign: Stainless Steel Universal Pivot Mounting Bracket

  • Pivot Range: Allows an 8-degree pivot (4 degrees up or down)
  • Installation Flexibility: Designed for mounting radar speed signs on any pole using bolts or banding


  • TC-400 Battery Power Model: Weight radar speed sign: 19 lbs.; Weight battery housing: 10 lbs.; Weight battery: 6 lbs. each; Total Weight when all pieces are installed: 41 lbs. (with 2 batteries)
  • TC-400 AC Power Model: Weight 23 lbs.


  • -40⁰ F to +160⁰ F


  • Heavy duty aluminum plate over LED display to protect components from abuse or vandalism
  • Radarsign’s proprietary directional beam technology includes custom reflectors positioned around each LED. This unique design magnifies the intensity of the light, ensuring the highest quality viewable display with minimal energy usage.


  • 25″ thick (6mm) protective shield covers entire display area
  • Abrasion, graffiti and shatter resistant
  • Provides UV protection


  • Radar speed sign emits it’s own Wi-Fi signal, eliminating the need for an internet connection. Manage sign with smart phone, tablet,or laptop; Allows for quick, easy sign operation and data download from most web enabled devices.
  • Connection range up to 300 feet from sign
  • WPA2 encrypted security; Unique password protected
  • OTA Software Updates (over-the-air): Allow the wireless delivery of software updates and upgrades directly to the radar sign
  • Speed is 10x faster and has 10x the range of Bluetooth


  • Setup Functions: Easy-to-navigate digital menu; No mechanical switches to operate
  • Daily Timers: Allow up to 5 on/off timer settings per day, including 4 customizable timers in addition to the standard setting. Settings allow for lower speed limits for school zone times.
  • Stealth Mode: This feature allows the display to be turned off while still allowing continuous traffic data collection. This ensures data monitoring even when the display is not active.
  • Possum Switch™: In the event of a forceful attack, the sign can simulate inactivity or “play dead” for a duration of 30 minutes. This feature helps protect the sign from malicious tampering or damage.
  • Maximum Speed Cutoff: Designed to prevent the sign from displaying excessively high speeds, this feature curbs any attempts at speeding towards or “racing” the sign. Users have the option to choose between flashing dashes or an LED display cutoff.


  • 2 years on parts and labor; The warranty period is inapplicable to TC-400 batteries which we warrant for a period of one (1) year
  • Exceptions: Does not cover malicious abuse, theft, or damage due to unauthorized modification.


Streetsmart traffic reportingThis feature comes with a lifetime license for a one-time charge, eliminating recurring fees. It is licensed per sign and allows the download, reporting, organization, and analysis of speed and traffic data recorded by the radar speed sign. Users can generate 35 charts and graphs with Excel™ macro. The Traffic Data Storage Capacity allows data storage for up to 5 million vehicles, retaining data for 12 months in the sign before overwriting the oldest data first.


Date-driven program enables the pre-programming of multiple years and schedules for radar speed signs. This functionality is particularly beneficial for scheduling in school zones or areas where events occur regularly.

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