School Zone Flashing Beacons

Radarsign offers two models of school zone flashing beacons:

  1. Radar speed sign with Hyper-Alerts™: Hyper-Alerts are compact clusters of LED lights built right into the “YOUR SPEED” faceplate of the radar speed sign.
    • 4″ Hyper-Alert beacon delivers the same luminescence as a 12″ traditional beacon, only in a more compact surface
    • No need to choose between either flashing beacons or a radar speed sign, now you can have both alerts for slightly more than the price of either one.
    • Durable industrial construction with sleek, streamlined design is a stark contrast to the bulky, piece-meal look of traditional beacons
  2. Radar speed sign with flashing beacons: Traditional school zone flashing beacons mounted with a radar speed sign
    • Easy and quick installation; System arrives 90% assembled
    • Reduced operating costs: Entire system works from a single power source on a single pole
Radarsign with
Radarsign with
Flashing Beacons
Radar Speed Sign TC-600 TC-600
Power source TC-600 | AC or Solar TC-600 | AC or Solar
Radar Speed Sign Display Size TC-600 | 13" LEDs TC-600 | 13" LEDs
Beacon Size 4" Round (Hyper-Alert) 12" Round
Beacon LED Luminosity 3000 mcd minimum – 12000 mcd maximum 3000 mcd minimum – 12000 mcd maximum
Flashing Beacon Configuration Dual beacons are built into faceplate of the radar speed sign Single and dual beacon systems are available in front, top, or side mount configurations
Radar speed sign faceplate options Fluorescent yellow/green, white, or yellow Fluorescent yellow/green (standard), white, or yellow
Sign Management Options Radarsign Cloud
Local Advanced Scheduler
Radarsign Cloud
Local Advanced Scheduler
Streetsmart Traffic Data Collection Software Optional Optional

Sign Management Options

  1. Radarsign Cloud™ is a secure, cellular modem, remote cloud management system that provides central management of your network of devices anytime, anywhere including sign operation settings, alerts, data access, and data collection from any internet connected device.

  2. Local Advanced Scheduler is a date driven program that allows pre-programming your radar speed sign for multiple years and multiple schedules; especially useful for scheduling in School Zones or areas where events occur on a regular basis.
Sign Management Features Radarsign Cloud Local Advanced Scheduler
Remote Access /
Programming ability from a web browser
Yes Yes
Access method Cellular modem Wi-Fi connection to radar speed sign
Access distance Worldwide Up to 300 feet
Automatic upload of traffic data every night to cloud Yes No
Local downloads via Wi-Fi
Automatic push delivery of software, firmware, and code updates directly to the radar speed sign Yes No
Local wireless updates available
Pre-program period Multiple years Multiple Years
Number of schedules accepted Up to 24 Up to 24
Number of exception days allowed Up to 24 Up to 24
Retention of schedule in case of primary power failure or non-communication 30 days Indefinite
Automatic Daylight Savings timer management Yes Yes
Recurring fees Yes, small annual access fee No