School Zone Flashing Beacons

Radarsign offers three models of flashing school zone beacons:

  • Radar speed sign with Hyper-Alerts™
  • Radar speed sign with school zone flashing beacons
  • Flashing beacons only


Radar Speed Sign with Hyper-Alert™ Flash Technology

Hyper-Alerts™ are compact clusters of LED lights built right into the “Your Speed” faceplate of the TC-600 model, delivering a significantly more compact solution than traditional beacons. By clustering the LEDs into a smaller footprint, the same light from a typical flasher becomes an urgent notification for the driver. When combined with the full-matrix word alerts SLOW DOWN or TOO FAST, speeding drivers can be slowed to a much safer speed.

  • Raised Awareness: The LED clusters deliver the same luminescence as a 12″ beacon, only in a more compact surface. This results in an “impossible to ignore alert” even 1000 feet from the sign.
  • Cost Efficient: Instead of having to choose between flashing beacons or a radar speed sign, now you can have both alerts for slightly more than the price of either one.
  • Design: Durable industrial construction with sleek, streamlined design is a stark contrast to the bulky, piece-meal look of traditional beacons
  • Scheduling Flexibility: Programmable for an entire year in advance, by date and time, using our Advanced Scheduler/Timer option.

Radar Speed Sign with Flashing Beacons

School zone flashing beacons with a radar speed sign are more effective than stand-alone flashing beacons because of the physiological response of drivers to the radar speed sign displaying their actual speed. The radar speed sign forces the driver into an active state of awareness of how fast they are driving, resulting in increased speed limit compliance.

  • Easy and quick installation: System arrives 90% assembled
  • Power options: Available in AC or solar models (TC-600 and TC-1000 models)
  • Flashing beacon configurations: Single and dual beacon systems are available in front, top, or side mount configurations
  • Maximum visibility with yellow/green fluorescent YOUR SPEED faceplate 
  • Reduced operating costs: Entire system works from a single power source on a single pole
  • Radar speed sign construction: 100% MUTCD compliant; NEMA 4 powder-coated aluminum housing; Makrolon® polycarbonate cover provides maximum UV protection and is abrasion, shatter, and graffiti resistant
  • StreetSmart traffic data reporting software.
  • Eligible for Safe Routes To School grants

Radar Speed Sign with Flashing Beacons Spec Sheet


Flashing Beacons Only

  • Power options: AC or solar powered flashing beacons available
  • Beacon configurations: Single and dual beacon systems are available in front, top, or side mount configurations
  • Optional add-ons include a local timer/controller, regulatory school zone sign, pole and footings

Flashing Beacons Spec Sheet

Management Options
Feature Advanced Scheduler On-Pole TImer/Controller
EZ Comm
Configuration Supported Radar speed sign and beacons (optional) Radar speed sign and beacons Radar speed sign and beacons
Radar speed signs with Hyper-Alerts©
Beacons only Beacons only
Radar speed sign only
Radar speed sign only
Remote access / Programming ability from a web browser Yes, limited range No Yes
Access distance Up to 300 feet zero feet Wordwide
Automatic download of traffic data every night No. Local downloads via Wi-Fi No. Local downloads via Wi-Fi Yes
Access method Wi-Fi to radar speed sign On-site keypad in cabinet Cellular modem
Pre-program period Multiple years 12 months Multiple years
Number of schedules accepted Up to 24 16 Up to 24
Number of exception days Up to 24 10 Up to 24
Retention of schedule in case of primary battery failure or non-communication 2 weeks 2 days 2 weeks
Automatic Daylight Savings Time management Yes Yes Yes
Recurring Fees None None Yes,
annual access fee