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Enhancing School Zone Safety with Radarsign’s Flashing Beacons

Radarsign is America's School Zone Safety Partner, providing a wide range of traffic safety solutions designed specifically for school zones. 

Explore Our Flashing Beacon Products

Our selection includes solar and AC-powered flashing beacons with options to pair beacons with a radar speed sign. Each Radarsign flashing beacon product is engineered to ensure high visibility and reliability, crucial for improving driver alertness and pedestrian safety.

Flashing Beacons on Regulatory School Zone Speed Limit When Flashing Sign

Flashing Beacons

Our Standard Flashing Beacons offer clear, reliable visibility, ideal for enhancing safety in school zones. These straightforward, durable units ensure consistent performance, effectively alerting drivers and protecting pedestrians.

Radarsign School Zone Flashing Beacons with TC-600 Radar Speed Sign and School Zone Speed Limit Sign

School Zone Flashing Beacon Bundle

Combined impact of Flashing Beacons with our TC-600 radar speed sign and a school zone speed limit sign, perfect for areas needing both speed monitoring and clear visual alerts. Also available with TC-800 or TC-1100 Radar Speed Sign for higher speeds or larger roads.

Radarsign TC-1100 18" Radar Speed Sign with Integrated Flashing Beacons and School Zone Sign

Integrated Flashing Beacon Systems

These systems combine Flashing Beacons with our TC-800 or TC-1100 radar speed sign and a choice of static speed sign, streamlined for efficiency without the need for external equipment cabinets.

Radarsign Hyper Alerts 4" Flashing Beacons on TC600 Radar Speed Sign

Flashing Beacon HyperAlerts™

HyperAlerts are built directly into the Your Speed Sign faceplate of our TC-600 radar speed sign, featuring compact clusters of LED lights that match the brightness of a traditional 12-inch beacon.

Flashing Beacon Specifications

Yellow Flashing Beacon Signal Head with Amber LEDs

Choosing the Right Flashing Beacon for Your School Zone

Ensuring the safety of students, staff, and parents in school zones is a top priority for any educational institution. Flashing beacons are a critical part of this safety strategy, serving as highly visible alerts that command attention and promote cautious driving.

Types of Flashing Beacons

  • Standard Flashing Beacons: These are essential for any school zone, offering straightforward, high-impact visibility. They're perfect for maintaining constant awareness and safety, with robust construction that ensures long-lasting performance in various weather conditions.
  • Flashing Beacons Bundled with Radar Speed Sign: This combination enhances school zone safety by providing not only the visibility of flashing beacons but also the active speed monitoring of radar speed signs. It’s an effective solution for encouraging drivers to slow down, showing them their current speed as they approach sensitive areas.
  • Integrated Flashing Beacon Systems: These systems combine flashing beacons with our TC-800 or TC-1100 radar speed sign paired with a choice of static speed sign, eliminating the need for external equipment cabinets. The larger faceplate and digital speed limit display on the TC-800 and TC-1100 Radar Speed Signs enhance visibility, making them ideal for larger roads or areas requiring extended visibility.
  • HyperAlerts™: HyperAlerts™ integrate compact, powerful 4" flashing beacons directly into a 13" radar speed sign, providing a sleek and efficient way to alert drivers. These units offer the brightness of larger traditional beacons and include radar speed monitoring, making them a comprehensive safety tool. HyperAlerts™ are ideal for school zones where space is at a premium and high visibility is required.

Need Help Finding Your Perfect Flashing Beacon Solution?

Our knowledgeable sales professionals are ready to help you analyze your specific needs and guide you through choosing the perfect flashing beacon for your school zone. This personalized service ensures that you get the most effective solution tailored to your unique situation.