StreetSmart Traffic Data Reporting

StreetSmart Traffic Data Reporting Helps You Makes Sense of Your Traffic Data

StreetSmart traffic data reporting software allows you to report, organize and analyze the traffic data gathered from our radar speed signs. With the data conversion tool in StreetSmart, the information collected by the radar speed sign is loaded into Excel™ready .csv files.  StreetSmart can generate 35 charts and graphs with just a few mouse clicks.

“To address traffic complaints from the community, we wanted to see data to verify the speeding issues, including the times and speeds. From that information, we could determine the appropriate response and choose how we deployed our resources. The Radarsign speed sign is doing this for us.”— Lt. Paul Lenzmeier, Anoka Count, MN Sheriff’s Dept.

Streetsmart Traffic Data Reporting

Standard reports include:

  • Vehicle Counts – Weekly, Daily, Hourly, ½ & ¼ hour data
  • Speed Limit Violations – Weekly, Daily, Hourly, ½ & ¼ hour data
  • % of Vehicles Speeding – Daily, Hourly, ½ & ¼ hour data
  • Average Vehicle Speeds – Daily, Hourly, ½ & ¼ hour data
  • Vehicle Average Speeds in 5 mph bins (16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-35 mph, etc.)
  • Vehicle Peak Speeds in 5 mph bins (16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-35 mph, etc.)
  • Daily 50th & 85th percentile speeds
  • # and % of daily speeders > 5 mph over speed limit
  • # and % of daily speeders > 10 mph over speed limit
  • Customer selectable times for School Zone period data
  • 2, 3, or 4 week data charts for trend analysis
  • CSV data format

If customized tables, graphs or charts are needed, the speeding statistics collected by StreetSmart are available to work with as needed to show the effectiveness of a radar sign as a traffic calming solution.

StreetSmart Benefits:

  • Pinpoints specific speeding times during the day, providing law enforcement the best information about when to patrol
  • Provides a baseline of the actual speeding problem when traffic speed data is collected with the LED display off and compared with data captured with the LED display on
  • Provides actual data as to how effective the radar speed sign is at reducing speeds, and lowering the percentage of drivers who speed
  • Monitors the traffic calming effectiveness of the radar sign on an ongoing basis

Computer Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or newer Operating System (emulation/virtual mode not supported)
  • Open USB slot
  • Microsoft Excel 2007  or newer (no other brand of spreadsheet supported)

StreetSmart Traffic Data Reporting Software