About Radarsign

Radarsign™ is the manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed signs. Scientifically proven to reduce speeding, Radarsign products solve traffic calming problems without impacting the environment, roads or driver comfort. All Radarsign standard models are MUTCD compliant and they are designed and manufactured in the USA.

The armored design—exclusively available from Radarsign—was born out of a desire to build radar speed signs that were dependable, high-performing and attractive. As a result, Radarsign’s distinctive driver feedback signs are:

  • Shock absorbent, vandal resistant, bullet resistant, and can withstand extremes in weather, including hurricanes, and blizzards,
  • Directional beam technology delivers a higher quality, easy-to-read display for drivers, in bright sunlight, or at night, under any weather conditions. Radarsign’s proprietary design includes beveled cones around each LED, magnifying the intensity of the light and providing the highest quality viewable display with minimum energy usage.
  • Automatically adjusts the intensity of LEDs to ambient light conditions for maximum visibility.
  • Affordable, energy efficient and eco-friendly (Battery details and power options)

Radarsign brand radar speed signs are installed throughout North America—in all 50 states and Canada—Puerto Rico and on military bases around the world. Radarsign has been entrusted to provide safe and effective traffic-calming solutions for state DOTs, municipalities, treasured national parks, schools, neighborhoods, and private and public development projects.

The Radarsign Story

Creating safe streets is personal to the founders, who live in neighborhoods where speed limits were often ignored. Traffic calming stats confirmed just how unsafe their very own communities could be. As a result, they launched Radarsign with a goal to make roads safer by slowing speeding drivers. By reducing car speeds, Radarsign products save lives and make streets safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and law-enforcement officers. Click here for National, state and local traffic calming stats.

Media Contact:

Tina L. Riemer
(404) 944-1212

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Quick Facts

World’s first manufacturer of armored radar speed signs

  • MUTCD compliant and scientifically proven to be effective
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Durable: bullet resistant, shock absorbent and scientifically proven to be effective

Founded by: a former Georgia State Trooper turned high-tech business manager; a laser-optics, electrography and microprocessor engineer; and a sales and marketing executive

Where: 50 states, Canada and on military bases around the world

1220 Kennestone Circle
Suite 130
Marietta, Ga. 30066

Website: www.radarsign.com