Warranty Repair

If you experiencing a problem with your sign please refer to the Troubleshooting Guide first to diagnose any issues and resolve them prior to requesting a return. Often times it is a simple programming, installation, or maintenance issue, not a sign operation issue, that is preventing the sign from operating properly.

If you are not successful troubleshooting the issue your are having with your sign and would like a Customer Service representative to reach out to you, click the button below to submit your request and a representative will contact you shortly.

Warranty Repair

For signs that are two years old or less with an issue covered by the Radarsign Limited Warranty Agreement, the sign will be repaired at no cost for parts or labor.

Each sign serial number begins with SNTC followed by the model number and 6 digits. The first digit indicates the sign model number.

If you would like to return your sign for Warranty Repair, please submit a Sign Return Request form at the bottom of this page. You will need to provide your 6 digit sign serial number for your request.

A Radarsign customer service representative will review your request and will contact you within 2 business days.

radar speed sign serial number label

Sign Return Request (RMA)

IMPORTANT: All sign returns must have an approved Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) included with the sign return package. Any sign returned without an RMA will NOT BE PROCESSED until an approved RMA is submitted to Radarsign Customer Service. An approved RMA must be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the sign at Radarsign, or the sign will be returned and the customer will be charged for shipping.

Radarsign highly recommends that insurance be purchased for the retail value of any sign returned to us for repair. Radarsign is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damage or loss that might occur during shipment of product to us. The signs are heavy and are often treated roughly by the shippers.

Warranty repaired signs will be returned 3-4 weeks from the date of receipt at Radarsign.

Warranty Repair Request Form