Hyper-Alerts™ are flashing beacons integrated into the YOUR SPEED faceplate of the TC-600 radar speed sign model, delivering a more compact and cost effective solution compared to traditional beacons. By clustering the LEDs into a smaller footprint, the same light from a typical flasher becomes an urgent notification for the driver.

The Hyper-Alert™ option is only available on a new TC-600 model, or as a retrofit of an existing TC-600 model. Existing sign must be returned to Radarsign for the retrofit.

flashing Hyper-Alert LED clusters in face of a radar speed sign


Perfect for use in pedestrian-heavy environments such as school zones, business campuses, military bases and anywhere else there is an urgency to slow drivers.

Raised Awareness

The LED clusters deliver the same luminescence as a 12″ beacon, only in a more compact surface. This results in an “impossible to ignore alert” even 1000 feet from the sign.

Cost Effective

Instead of having to choose between either flashing beacons or a radar speed sign, now you can have both alerts for slightly more than the price of either one. The LED clusters are built right into the YOUR SPEED faceplate resulting in a more compact system that is far easier to install. This upgrade offers a cost-effective solution for maximum traffic calming effect on speeding drivers.


Hyper-Alert beacons in radar speed sign faceplate

  • Industrial construction with sleek design is in stark contrast to the individual, bulky, piece-meal look of traditional beacons
  • Dual high-intensity amber LED clusters
  • Meets ITE guidelines for brightness use in school zones
  • LED luminosity: 3000 mcd minimum – 12000 mcd maximum
  • 68 LEDs per alert, highly viewable at 1000 feet
  • Flash patterns: MUTCD standard 60 fpm, Wig-Wag (alternating); Custom patterns available

Scheduling Flexibility

  • Programmable for an entire year in advance, by date and time, using our Advanced Scheduler
  • Hyper-Alerts™ can be activated based on time of day, by speed, or by both

Solar Power Output with Hyper-Alert™ Option

  • 50 watt solar panel for maximum 4 hour daily operation
  • 75 watt for maximum 10 hour daily operation
  • 90 watt for 24/7 operation
  • 120 watt for high volume traffic and cold temperatures