Radarsign Announces 2 New Driver Feedback Signs with Larger Displays, Modular Design & Enhanced Safety Features

MARIETTA, Ga., June 1, 2022 — Radarsign, the manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed sign, today announced the release of two new products — the TC-800 and TC-1100 — to its line of traffic calming solutions. 

The TC-800, which has a 15-inch full matrix display, and the TC-1100, which has an 18-inch full matrix display, provide the same quality and durable design that customers have come to expect from the existing product line-up while also introducing larger displays and upgrade-as-you-go, modular features. “The new, larger displays on the TC-800 and TC-1100 can be seen more clearly – and from further away – than other models,” explained William Warwick, director of sales, “This means drivers are alerted earlier and able to react earlier, allowing traffic to come to a slower, safer speed sooner. 

“Radarsign has long been an innovator in the traffic calming industry,” Warwick said. “We were the first to introduce armored driver speed signs back in 2004. Today’s announcement shows that we continue to innovate – not only by listening to customers and giving them bigger, brighter displays, but by thinking about how we can make the signs compatible as their needs change and grow.”  

The modular design introduced by the TC-800 and TC-1100 signs allows customers to upgrade their signs retroactively with features they may not have selected or needed when they first purchased the sign. Warwick explained: “Some customers might not need certain features, like the simulated camera flash, when they first purchase one of these signs. Our new design allows us to activate certain features using IoT at any point, should the customer later decide to make an upgrade.”

IoT, the Internet of Things, refers to objects with sensors, software and other components that can connect to and exchange data with similar devices over a communications network. In this case, Radarsign is using IoT to “unlock” features as customers need them.

Another feature of the TC-800 and TC-1100 signs’ modular design is a new external battery housing, making the signs easier to install and allowing customers to replace batteries over the lifetime of the sign.  

Features of the new Radarsign driver speed sign models include: 

  • Speed, message, and strobe alerts — These additional safety features ensure motorists see the sign.
  • New single piece cast aluminum housing design — Vandal-resistant design protects sign from internal and external damage.
  • External mounted battery housing configuration — Makes it easy to install and replace batteries when needed.
  • Built-in cellular modem — Cloud accessible from anywhere internet is available.

“We recently did a refresh on the very first sign that Radarsign ever sold, meaning our first sign lasted 17 years before being serviced and sent back out on the road – where it continues to keep people safe,” said Lisa LeBlanc, director of marketing. “I think that first sign is an incredible testament to the quality and longevity of our signs, and it has set the bar for what we aim to accomplish with the TC-800 and TC-1100 models.”