Some of America’s Largest Companies Include Radarsign in Corporate Safety Plan

Georgia Pacific, Tronox and General Mills target speeding drivers in an initiative that will help meet OSHA safety standards, protect lives, and reduce liability

GP, General Mills and TronoxALPHARETTA, Georgia – June 17, 2016 — In the past nine months, three elite, U.S.-based companies—Georgia Pacific, General Mills and Tronox—have turned to Radarsign® for help in slowing speeding drivers on their corporate campuses. Radarsign is the manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed signs, which are scientifically proven to slow speeding drivers and alter driver behaviors. This reduces traffic accidents and fatalities and helps organizations meet OSHA guidelines for traffic safety.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the national agency responsible for occupational safety and health research, prevention of work-related crashes poses one of the greatest challenges in occupational safety. This includes roadways on corporate campuses. OSHA guidelines to reduce these risks recommend programs that “work to keep the driver and those with whom he/she shares the road safe.” And, these traffic safety programs “must change driver attitudes, improve behavior, and increase skills to build a ‘be safe’ culture.”

“Georgia Pacific, General Mills and Tronix are just a few of Radarsign’s most recent corporate customers,”  said Charlie Robeson, Radarsign Co-founder and Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our radar speed signs utilize the phenomenon of Feedback Loops to actually change driver  attitudes and encourage safe driving practices. In the corporate environment, our products reduce liability concerns and may save companies money, which is a big win.”

Radarsign driver feedback signs have been installed on corporate campuses in all 50 states.

Georgia Pacific has more than 300 locations around the world including a wood pulp mill in Palakta, Florida. The mill, which employs 300 people, underwent a $100 million upgrade in 201 with $10 million allocated for safety and environmental improvement projects. All of which generated increased traffic and a greater need for traffic calming.

In Tennessee, General Mills opened a new plant bringing more than 115 jobs to the local economy. The $250 million investment also brought new traffic to the area. The resulting increase in traffic volume and driver speeds required a traffic calming solution that serves employees, contractors and the general public.

Tronox, the third-largest titanium feedstock producer, operates a titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment production facility in Hamilton, Mississippi that encompasses 3000 acres and includes their own road system. In 2015, the plant absorbed additional employees from a sister plant when it closed and today 485 full-time employees travel to and from work here. With high traffic volumes, management had concerns about speeding drivers at the plant entrance. According to Safety Manager, Todd Goldman, a variety of cars, delivery trucks and some heavy manufacturing equipment (cranes) use the roads. The company was determined to keep speeds in check. The driver feedback sign fit the bill, according to Goldman, “It had a positive impact.” Additionally the sign is portable and is being utilized in multiple locations.

Corporate safety plans often come with expensive price tags. However, when it comes to traffic calming, radar driver feedback signs are an affordable option that is being embraced by large and small companies. To compare effectiveness and pricing of different traffic calming solutions, refer to the Traffic Calming Guide for the 21st Century

About Radarsign® Brand Radar Speed Signs:
In 2004, Atlanta-based Radarsign® established new industry standards for traffic calming solutions with the debut of the world’s first armored driver feedback signs.Radarsign radar speed signs are vandal-, weather- and bullet-resistant. They are also the traffic calming industry’s most durable, most ecological and most energy efficient radar speed signs. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, all Radarsign models are MUTCD-compliant and utilize recycled aluminum, innovative LED reflector technology, minimal battery power and solar panels to deliver bright, easy-to-read feedback to drivers. Radarsign products are scientifically proven to reduce drivers’ speeds and have been entrusted to provide safe and effective traffic calming solutions for: municipalities, treasured national parks, schools, neighborhoods, military bases, and private and public development projects across the U.S., Canada and overseas.