Debates and Delays on Traffic Calming

Office meetingThere is widespread agreement that speeding endangers lives. Unfortunately, there is far less consensus on solutions to the problem, especially in residential areas. The news is replete with reports of neighborhood open houses, committees and task forces battling over the best traffic-calming solutions.

Discussions over road closings, one-way streets, roundabouts, roads narrowings, speed bumps and the like often end in heated debate. However, sufficient study into these methodologies has made clear the pros and cons of each and has detailed their controversial nature. Construction-based solutions are costly and their implementation can take months or years. Further, they annoy and irritate residents and cause traffic issues themselves.

These disagreements add up to costly consultants and proposals as well as huge delays to achieving a solution. Fortunately, many communities are considering driver feedback signs as a primary solution as they are cost-efficient and provide nearly immediate results due to their quick installation.  Most importantly, radar speed signs are a proven traffic-calming solution.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing