Law Enforcement Traffic Calming Applications and Solutions

“The signs are working well. From my unmarked vehicle, I have watched as cars react to the sign. It has slowed them down dramatically.”— Chief Alex Collinge, City of Eureka, IL Police Department

“Radarsign gives my officers the ability to better manage their time and the flexibility in how we monitor and enforce speed limits. We picked Radarsign after looking at four manufacturers and liked that it was armored and durable against vandalism.” —Captain Walter Horton, Carrboro, NC Police Department

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Law Enforcement Traffic Calming Solutions

One of the many duties of law enforcement is to help keep the roads safe. However, officers cannot be everywhere, all of the time. Radar speed signs serve as an extra officer, 24/7. They reinforce speed limit awareness by alerting drivers of excessive speeds. And when used with Streetsmart traffic data reporting software (optional), the radar speed signs provide key data to quantify speeding problems. This allows police and sheriff’s departments the ability to intelligently deploy limited police staff for enforcement.

Radar speed signs provide an effective, reliable, and affordable traffic calming solution for reducing speeding drivers. Tests repeatedly show that:

  • Speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a radar speed sign
  • Typical speed reductions are 10-20%
  • Overall compliance with the posted speed limit will go up by 30-60%
  • Radar speed signs are particularly effective at getting “super speeders”—speeders driving 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit—to slow down

Radarsign Customer Success Stories

TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign…Your Rapid Response Traffic Calming Weapon

The TC-400 battery power radar speed sign is lighweight and offers the ultimate in portable traffic calming. With its modular design and a universal mounting bracket, one person can easily install or relocate the TC-400 in minutes. The portability and ease of installation of the TC-400 make it easy to create a circuit to rotate the sign on a regular basis. Plus, with the universal mounting bracket, the TC-400 can be used in hundreds of places where a speed trailer simply won’t fit – and at less than half the cost.

 Police departments across the country are finding that the TC-400 portable radar speed sign is more reliable, safer to use, more convenient to relocate, and is a much better investment than a traditional speed trailer.

  1. The lightweight design and easy carry handle allows 1 person to move the sign.
  2. Just lift the sign onto the bracket and secure with the fasteners.
  3. Close the sign, lock it, and you are done. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Portable Radar Speed Sign vs. Speed Trailer

Specification TC-400 Radar Speed Sign Speed Trailer
Initial cost 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of a speed trailer $6000 to over $12,000,
depending on brand and model
Install process 2-5 minutes
Requires socket wrench to mount bracket
Up to 30 minutes
Requires tow vehicle, leveling on side of road, finding safe spot for trailer, locking down wheels to prevent theft
Location options Can be mounted to any existing pole. Fits in hundreds of places that a trailer cannot Limited to locations that can safely hold a 5-6 foot wide trailer
Relocation Lightweight. 1 person can transport.
Sign easily fits in any trunk. When moving from bracket to bracket, NO TOOLS REQUIRED.
Requires vehicle with hitch, possibly 2 people to move trailer
Typical battery life Two batteries included: 5-7 days each or 10-14 days when fully charged Lead acid battery bank: from 3-15 days, depending on efficiency of system, and size of battery bank
Field exchange of battery packs to extend usage Exchanges without tools.
Battery packs weighs only 6 lbs each,takes less than one minute to exchange.
Requires tools.
Lead acid battery weighs 30-60 lbs. each, takes 5-10 minutes to exchange.
Potential danger to vehicles No
Mounted on pole (usually breakaway style)
Weight and size of trailer can do considerable damage to a moving vehicle
Data collection capability Yes Yes, for some brands
Theft deterrents All mounting hardware locked inside housing, makes theft extremely difficult Wheel locks and size of trailer makes theft unlikely

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