Neighborhood Traffic Calming Applications and Solutions

“The difference is drastic. They are no longer speeding like they used to. Before installation, we were seeing 3-4 tickets per month with average ticketed speeds of over 42.5 MPH. After installation, we’ve seen only 3 tickets in last 5 months. Now 90% of drivers are driving below 33 MPH…If the industry experts were all saying Radarsign was the best choice, that was enough for me.”
– Joseph Karr, Wedgewood HOA – Columbus (OH), October 2013

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Speeding in residential areas and neighborhoods is the most common citizen complaint issued to police departments and city council representatives throughout the United States and is a danger to pedestrians, bicyclists and especially to children. The fatality rate in residential zones due to car accidents is nearly 3 times the rate on highways.

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How to Stop Speeders in Your Neighborhood

The Community Associations Institute estimates that over 25 million American homes are governed by Homeowner Associations (HOAs), which work to protect home values and contribute to the overall quality of life in their neighborhoods. If speeding drivers is a concern in your neighborhood, Radarsign’s systems provide an effective, neighborhood traffic calming solution because the radar speed sign alerts drivers of their speed.

  • Speeders will slow down up to 80% of the time when alerted by a radar sign
  • Typical speed reductions are 10-20%.
  • Overall compliance with the posted speed limit will go up by 30-60%

Radarsign Customer Success Stories

Featured Video: Community speeding up the process to slow down drivers

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Traffic Calming Benefits of a Neighborhood Radar Speed Signneighborhood traffic calming

  • Slower speeds = Safer streets
  • Slower speeds = Lower emissions
  • Slower speeds = Higher perceived value in home pricing
  • Avoids all the negatives of speed humps including:
    • Slower response times of emergency vehicles: police, fire and ambulance
    • Added wear and tear on your vehicle
    • Increased noise
    • Pits neighbor against neighbor (for vs. against)
    • Required expense of maintenance
    • Perceived neighborhood speeding problem could lower house values

Safety in a Box™

Radarsign Safety in a BoxSafety in a Box, an all inclusive sign package, is a great neighborhood traffic calming solution. It’s easy to order, requires no configuration and has everything needed for installation except the shovel and the concrete. All that is required is digging a hole, pouring the concrete, and installing the sign. It’s that easy.

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Radarsign has a variety of radar speed sign models and radar speed sign bundles to choose from.Compare our models and see which one is the best traffic calming solution for you.