Options and Accessories

Options and accessories offered with our radar speed signs include a remote management system, an external device trigger option, mounting hardware options, a variety of pole and base options, and much more.

StreetSmart Traffic Data Reporting Software


Report, organize and analyze the traffic data collected from your radar speed signs with StreetSmart

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Mounting Hardware Options

Multiple mounting options are available depending on the type of pole the radar speed sign is to be mounted on.

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Concrete Form Kit

Radarsign Options and Accessories-Radarsign Concrete Form Kit

The concrete form kit, customized for Pelco pole bases, makes base and pole installation easy. The kit includes a prefabricated concrete pole base form, four anchor bolts, a rebar base cap and rebar.

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Radarsign Cloud

Radarsign Cloud™ is a secure, cellular modem, remote cloud management system. It provides the central management of your network of devices anytime, anywhere.

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Faceplate OptionsRadarsign Options and Accessories-Faceplate Options

Radarsign offers three sizes of faceplates and three display sizes.



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Sign Base OptionsRadarsign Options and Accessories-Radarsign sign pole base options

All Radarsign bases are safety compliant breakaway bases and are FHWA compliant.

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Radarsign Options and Accessories-regulatory speed sign

Regulatory Speed Limit Sign

Used on same pole as radar speed sign, the regulatory speed limit sign improves the effectiveness of the sign in slowing speeders. 


External Device Relay SwitchRadarsign Options and Accessories-Radarsign External Device Relay Switch

Triggers external devices from the radar speed sign based on speed and/or time, or temperature; or allows the external device to trigger the radar speed sign.

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Pole OptionsRadarsign Options and Accessories-Pole options

A 4.5” diameter aluminum pole and 4″ diameter black fluted decorative pole are available.



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Radarsign Options and Accessories-Sign Extender BracketSign Extender Bracket Set

The sign extender bracket set extends the regulatory speed limit sign 6″ from pole so it is flush with the “YOUR SPEED” sign.