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Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today.

Here is what our customers have to say about us:

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“Radarsign’s display, size and brightness sold me, along with the neighboring town’s recommendation. I consider them a success.”

— July 2021 | Chief Joe Colditz | Town of Barrington Hills Police Dept. (IL) | Population: 4,070 (2019), 202107

“These signs are totally awesome. We have part time police officers who patrol our roadways, and they tell me the number of tickets has gone down. Everything was great. If we were in the market in the future for additional signs, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from Radarsign again.”

— July 2021 | Chris Astrella, Town Clerk/Treasurer | Town of Oakland (WI) | Population : 3,100 (2010), 202107

“We were looking for a non-enforcement way to make drivers more aware of their actual speeds, and wanted the capability to do reports as well. It turns out we can still do traffic counts and handle speed issues as well. We’re really pleased with the TC-400 signs. “

— July 2021 | Jeff Roussell, Street Supervisor | City of Nixa (MO) | Population: 21,544 (2019), 202107

“For the city, it always comes down to price and what you get for the price. Our driver feedback signs are worth the money for the quality. They have great value — what the Radarsign brand puts in the package and their competitors don’t.”

— June 2021 | Rodney Due, Director of Public Works | City of Seminole (FL) | Population: 18,657 (2019), 202106

“We generally pull the 85th percentile data and see what’s happening in certain areas and at specific times. If we see something unusual, we’ll send it to the sheriff and ask them to increase patrols.”

— June 2021 | Jody Woodall, Public Works Director | County of Oconee (GA) | Population: 40,280 (2019), 202106

“There was a community cry about speeders, and the knee-jerk reaction was, ‘We need speed bumps.’ We didn’t want to go straight to speed bumps because of the time and expense involved, and this Radarsign product would allow us to really look at the traffic data. What we found was that these are even more effective than speed bumps. These signs are bullet-resistant, easy for our staff to operate, just a great all-around tool. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made outside of traditional policing in a long time.”

“From a citizen’s perspective, this builds trust in the city responding to their complaints. When someone calls in with an issue, we can deploy one of these signs immediately. “

— June 2021 | Doug Barrick, Town Manager | Town of Rutherfordton (NC) | Population: 4,073 (2019), 202106

“Radarsign has excellent customer service. We were having an operational issue about a year ago with a couple of the signs and tech support was outstanding in resolving it.”

— May 2021 | John King, Transportation Manager | City of Covington (GA) | Population: 13,967 (2019), 202105

“We share our monthly traffic reports with the police department. If they see an increase in speeds — particularly in school zones — then they adjust their patrols.”

— May 2021 | Paul Davis, Public Works Director | Town of Summerdale (AL) | Population: 1,135 (2019), 202105

“We googled Radarsign, liked what we saw and didn’t look at any other vendors.”

— May 2021 | Bill Ashton, Regional Security Manager | Valero Refining Company – Memphis (TN) | Population: 651,932 (2019), 202105

“We considered 3 or 4 other manufacturers, but Radarsign’s package with Streetsmart software, colored strobes and messaging was a better combination for our needs. The others all seemed to be missing one key element.”

“When we installed the signs, we saw a 75% improvement as people became aware of how fast they were driving. That means they’re paying attention.”

— April 2021 | Curt Knight, Security Specialist | Hyundai Motor Manufacturing – Montgomery (AL) | Population: 199,783 (2019), 202104

“I was looking at the sign’s design and ease of movement around our property, and recommended Radarsign. Everyone who comes on the property notices our sign, and I believe the awareness of their actual speed is why we’ve seen the decrease. It’s serving its role 100 percent to the capacity we expected.”

— April 2021 | Bret Johnson, Lot Manager | Cox Automotive/Manheim – Omaha (NE) | Population: 475,862 (2019), 202104

“We like the signs, and being able to access them remotely through the cloud without leaving the office. We also like the support we’ve received from Radarsign. We just like the product and will continue to grow our Radarsign network of traffic safety signs.

“We share our Streetsmart reports with the police department, and if we see speed abused above the 85th percentile, it can trigger enforcement or patrols. The data is also readily available to the neighborhoods; if they request it, we can provide it at any time.”

— April 2021 | Kevin Padgett, Public Works Director | City of Seabrook (TX) | Population: 13,927 (2019), 202104

“I was originally looking for a speed trailer. In doing that research, I learned about pole-mounted driver speed signs, which are significantly less expensive and more versatile than trailers. I recommended Radarsign because of price, the ease of getting a quote and the instructional information on the website — particularly the videos of opening the box and hanging the signs, then connecting for data retrieval. We knew exactly what we were getting with Radarsign.”

— March 2021 | Lieutenant Raymond Link | City of Maitland Police Department – Maitland (FL) | Population: 17,765 (2019), 202103

“I typically deploy them for a week in stealth mode before turning the display on, and we generally see a 2-3 mile per hour drop. It’s enough to get people’s attention, and gives local residents the expectation that we’re keeping an eye open. We chose the Radarsign Model TC-400 because they were the easiest to move around. In addition, the Streetsmart software didn’t require us to purchase a cloud license; we can just download the data directly from the signs.”

— March 2021 | Dan Smith, Project Engineer | Village of Wilmette (IL) | Population: 27,247 (2019), 202103

“Our radar signs have been money well spent. We’ve spent a lot of money on off-duty officers and Florida Highway Patrol officers to curtail speeding and keep our residents safe.”

“The board likes the information I provide and asked us to publish the results from the Streetsmart software in our newsletter to residents. So it’s turned into a communication tool for us, as well.”

— March 2021 | Tish Dobson, Lodge Manager | Wilderness Lakes Preserve – Land O’Lakes (FL) | Population: 38,410 (2019), 202103

“We’ve seen a change in driver behavior in the locations where we’ve put a sign. After we’ve moved it, we’ve even gone back to a previous location, and can still see a change there. “

“We bought the second unit from Radarsign because we’ve been happy with the product, as well as the customer support and tech support we’ve gotten”

— February 2021 | Capt. Paul Haase | City of Pella Police Department – Pella (IA) | Population: 10,231 (2019), 202102

“I run the Streetsmart reports when we move the sign, then discuss the data with Public Safety, Public Transportation and Public Works. When we do find problems in a certain area, we ask the sheriff’s office to step in. We want to make sure we place officers at the right time and location, and not waste their time and efforts.”

— February 2021 | Kinga Krider, City Administrator | City of West Peoria (IL) | Population: 4,543 (2019), 202102

“My officers love the signs because they can just put it in their car and go…and Streetsmart software helps us to know when to assign officers to an area if it turns out there is a problem, instead of guessing when to send them out.”

“I would recommend the Radarsign brand and buy more.”

— January 2021 | Lieutenant Chad Shoultes | City of Monroe Police Department – Monroe (NC) | Population: 35,105 (2019), 202101

“We’ve had zero battery issues. They run 24/7, just like you expect them to. You (at Radarsign) have a great product. We’re very happy with our decision and with the signs.

— January 2021 | Chief William Drollinger | Village of Bellaire (MI) | Population: 1,015 (2019), 202101

“We have 2 TC-600S signs — 1 purchased about 5 yrs ago and 1 in 11/2019. Once we got our signs set up, they’ve never quit working. It’s a “set it and forget it” kind of thing.”

— Robert Gray, Plant Engineer / West Central Turkeys – Pelican Rapids (MN), December 2020, 202012

“We looked at other vendors. Nobody had anything of substance. Radarsign had everything we were looking for.”

— Ken Hopkins, Chief of Police, Town of Brookford – Hickory (NC), December 2020, 202012

“Our local power company wanted us off the grid as part of the county’s efforts to go green. We realized we could enhance safety and go green by switching from hardwired to solar radar signs.”

— December 2020 | Don Christian, ADA Program Manager, Escambia County (FL), 202012

“Residents love the signs because they can sit and watch drivers’ reactions. I’ve sat in my unmarked car and watched drivers get on the brakes when the sign starts flashing that they’re going too fast.

— December 2020 | Lieutenant Chad Shoultes, City of Monroe Police Department – Monroe (NC), 202012

“I looked at everybody that was out there. I liked the quality of Radarsign. I liked the durability, the YouTube video showing the design and manufacturing, and especially the vandalism part. I was also impressed with the traffic reporting capabilities. ..Our department of public works installed the signs, and then told me, “That’s one beefy sign — not just a flimsy piece of plastic we’ll have to replace”

— December 2020 | William Drollinger, Chief of Police, Village of Bellaire (MI), 202012

“Some of our Radarsigns have been up for more than 12 years, and we’ve never even had to upgrade. They just work. “

— Kevin Smith, Engineering Technician, City of Alpharetta – Alpharetta (GA), November 2020, 202011

“We narrowed our choices to two vendors and Radarsign just had more to offer. The price might have been slightly higher — but we were able to make the justification because of the enhanced capabilities.”

“We get great data from the TC-600s. It’s a good opportunity to see when the volume (of traffic) occurs, and to explain that the perception that ‘everybody’s speeding’ isn’t necessarily accurate. In fact, we’ve shown that most violators are going 1-5 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.”

— Lt. Kevin Nestor, Management Analyst Michael Munger, City of Treasure Island – Treasure Island (FL), November 2020, 202011

“They actually work better than what we were expecting. No one in our department had prior use or knowledge, so we’ve been pleased. If we need another driver speed sign, we’ll get it from Radarsign.”

— Michael McCormick, Building Maintenance Supervisor, City of New Smyrna Beach – New Smyrna Beach (FL), October 2020, 202010

“Had a few people hit by (speeding) cars in dark areas. We wanted to get people to slow down. There hasn’t been an accident since installing the signs. The flashing lights actually get people’s attention, and they’ve helped quite a bit.”

— Joe Nall, Streets Supervisor, City of Ketchikan – Ketchikan (AK), October 2020, 202010

“Our law enforcement was seeing that they didn’t need to have as many officers on duty in the school zones once the signs went up. The sheriff was able to pull resources out of the school zones because the citizens were now respecting the speed limits. I’d say that, over all, speeds were cut in half by using the radar signs.”

— Don Christian, ADA Program Manager, Escambia County – Escambia County (FL), October 2020, 202010

“Our enforcement officers love them; they feel they’re really working and have encouraged us to get more signs. Our residents have been overwhelmingly positive — they like the effect they’re seeing when folks slow down.”

“Our city ordinances require bids from multiple vendors, so I got quotes from 5 when I started looking. Radarsign wasn’t necessarily the lowest priced quote — it was right in the middle of the five — but I recommended it to the city council because I just liked Radarsign’s reputation and data collection capabilities. Now I’ve recommended the Radarsign brand to other municipalities that have noticed the signs and come to ask about them.”

— Jonathan Smith, City Manager, Village of Clarkston – Clarkston (MI), September 2020, 202009

“Currently I have 6 TC-600S signs purchased early 2019; I am also responsible for 6 additional, non-Radarsign brand signs. We tried other brands, then found Radarsign. They’re just a lot easier to work with and the charts are easier to see and understand.”

— TJ Langley, Sign Engineer, Taney County – Taney County (MO), September 2020, 202009

“I know we used to sit there and within only a couple of minutes we’d be able to stop somebody for speeding. Now my traffic guys pretty much ignore that area because the radar sign is taking care of the problem.”

— Lt. Dennis Ward, Dept. of Public Safety, City of Grants Pass – Grants Pass (OR), September 2020, 202009

“Having the sign visible confirms to the public that we’re concerned about safety and makes drivers aware that we’re paying attention.”

— Mike Terson, Superintendent of Communications and Marketing, Buffalo Grove Park District – Buffalo Grove (IL), September 2020, 202009

“It would be expensive to add salary for a security guard to be available daily to monitor the area for speeding. The sign is a small thing that could have cost substantially more and it’s paying for itself.”

“We wanted to make sure we reduced speeding, which the sign has done. Even without looking at the data, you can tell people have slowed down.”

— Sergio Guzman, Security and Access Control Manager, Pine Crest School – Ft. Lauderdale (FL), August 2020, 202008

“It’s reasonably priced. The set up and instructions were good. It’s impressive and stays on all the time. Our Model TC-600S is a pretty rugged item that can handle the elements.”

— Sergio Guzman, Security and Access Control Manager, Pine Crest School – Ft. Lauderdale (FL), August 2020, 202008

“In the past, we’d go sit and run radar to respond to complaints of speeding. Now the signs free a deputy to do other tasks. We’re seeing about an 80% reduction in speeding in the areas where the signs are placed.”

— Capt. Jason Daniels, Hyde County Sheriff’s Office – Ocracoke (NC), July 2020, 202007

“If I put a sign on someone’s road, we immediately get texts thanking us that it’s there. Some residents have volunteered their property for the next place to put the signs.”

“Our community is very supportive of the signs. My boss, the sheriff, is very supportive. I can’t praise the signs enough”

— Capt. Jason Daniels, Hyde County Sheriff’s Office – Ocracoke (NC), July 2020, 202007

“I started researching safety measures we could add, and found that several of the 17 schools in the UNC system were using the Radarsign brand. I contacted them and got great feedback.”

— Capt. Steven DeDona, UNC Greensboro Police Department – City of Greensboro (NC), June 2020, 202006

“All our signs function well, and the public perception of them is positive. People see them and appreciate them being on the roadways.”

— Allen Reid, Senior Traffic Operations Engineer, City of Greenville – Greenville (NC), May 2020, 202005

“We want to make sure everyone’s safe. You can put up a regular speed sign — which is OK. But when they’re flashing at you, they’re more effective.”

— Jerry Bailey, Tacoma Power Generation: Port Blakely – City of Tumwater (WA), May 2020, 202005
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