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Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today.

Here is what our customers have to say about us:

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“I’m not about writing tickets and don’t particularly enjoy doing that. My thoughts are about compliance and keeping people safe. Many citizens in our community have thanked us for putting up the sign. I even had one person say, ‘Bring it back over here. I forget to drive 25.”

— Chief Bill Berry, City of Belle Plaine PD – Belle Plaine (KS), January 2020, 202001

“We have a highway where part of it is a school zone. I really like that I can set the sign to change, so it’s 20 miles per hour during school hours, then back to 35 miles per hour at other times.”

— Chief Tom Connell, Village of Hamel PD-Hamel (IL), December 2019, 201912

“As of Oct 25, 2019, I retired from the City of Muscle Shoals. Thank you for all the help you’ve given me over the years. I wish all vendors were as easy to work with as Radarsign, LLC.”

— Scott Hamilton, Assistant Director, Muscle Shoals Public Works – Muscle Shoals (AL), November 2019, 201911

“We bought one TC-400 to see what it could do, especially compared to our old, bulky trailer, which is large, expensive, and relatively portable. The city council liked it so much, we bought two more.”

“The TC-400 signs are a great asset for us. They’re pretty simple to use; our community service officers download the data and it goes smoothly. The battery life is really good. We haven’t had any issues whatsoever. They are an important part of our traffic safety program. Since we can pinpoint the times motorists are more likely to speed, it makes our patrols more effective.”

— Commander John Winters, City of Rosemount PD – Rosemount (MN), November 2019, 201911

“I looked at lots of vendors, but I bought from Radarsign because the city I live in uses them. A couple of cities around us have signs from a competitor, but I didn’t like the way their displays looked. The TC-400s are brighter and easier to read from a distance.”

“With the sign, we’ve seen a 12-15 percent reduction in speed. I’m very happy: it’s doing exactly what I wanted it to do.”

— Chief Scott Yeiter, City of Lewiston PD – Lewiston (MN), October 2019, 201910

“The Radarsign signs are leaps and bounds better than the other product we have. The size, portability and mounting is easier with Radarsign. I highly recommend them to other agencies.”

“My guys download the traffic data from onto their Apple and Android phones without a problem.”

— Lt. Peter Turcotte, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office – Canton (GA), October 2019, 201910

“Our TC-600 looks professional and operates professionally. We’re very pleased with how it’s working for us. I’d say we’re 100 percent satisfied with our purchase”

— Jochen Woern, Director of Production Safety, Siemens – Sacramento (CA), September, 2019, 201909

“Up front, I told the mayor, “We don’t need it, it’s a waste of money.” By the fall, I told him, “I do believe it’s made a difference.” Once we got it in and got it installed, I changed my mind. I’m glad we have it now. It’s a wonderful tool: it really does slow traffic down.”

“It gets people’s attention. They slow down. You can sit a few blocks away and watch people hitting their brakes. We have residents ask, “Could you put that on our street?” And we like to do that.”

“It’s a good quality sign, heavy duty. The batteries last longer than we expected them to, and they’re easy to charge overnight. All around, it’s got good function and is user friendly.”

— Chief Rick McDaniel, City of Belmond PD – Belmond (IA), August 2019, 201908

“The StreetSmart software helps us determine if we have a problem in a certain area. I don’t even have to get out of my car to pull data or make changes.”

— Chief Rick McDaniel, City of Belmond PD – Belmond (IA), August 2019, 201908

“We even got feedback from our trucking company that it was beneficial to them; truckers often don’t think about their speed once they get onto property. It’s a good visual, a nice flashing reminder — and installed high enough that truckers can see it.”

— Ken Thomas, Maintenance Manager, Alliant Energy – Cedar Rapids (IA), August 2019, 201908

“We needed to replace some old, antiquated trailers and when I found out that I could buy two Radarsign radar speed signs for the price of replacing my trailer AND I didn’t need to use a trailer hitch or vehicle with it, I decided to go with that.”

“The signs are fabulous and are extremely popular with the community. We constantly get requests for them because residents love the fact that the signs slow down traffic.”

— Capt. Randy Shepherd, Guilford County – Greensboro (NC), May 2019, 201905

“The police department was not always able to dispatch officers to monitor and hand out tickets. We saw the TC-400 as a way to solve that problem—especially since it is portable and we can move it around easily.”

“We have created traffic data files on some of the more problematic streets, documenting the speeds and times, using Radarsign’s Streetsmart. This will help build a case for permanent placement of another Radarsign driver feedback sign.”

— Wesley Cox, Director of Traffic Engineering, City of Montgomery – Montgomery (AL), May 2019, 201905

“The first sign we bought proved effective. The analytical data is amazing. Our city council plans to authorize acquisition of another sign.”

— Chief David L. Hess, City of Roxboro PD – Roxboro (NC), May 2019, 201905

“Since installing our radar speed signs, we are seeing a lot of brake lights and have found that we have to do less patrolling.”

“Citizens like them. They tell us that when the see their speed flash on the sign, they are more aware that they are speeding and often didn’t realize they are driving too fast.”

“We chose Radarsign because I saw some in McPherson (about five miles away). I called them to get their opinion on them. They really like theirs so I decided to give Radarsign a call.”

— Chief Staci Curl, City of Galva Police Dept. – Galva (KS), April 2019, 201904

“We have had radar trailers in the past. Now that technology has shrunk to a pole mounted version, we decided to get the TC-400. It is much easier to use.

“We initially purchased two signs for a test run and they worked well. So, we purchased four more. We use them in all types of locations from school zones, to business districts to highways to neighborhoods.”

“We received compliments from citizens about the signs. They love them and want them in front of their homes.”

— Lt. Scott Hilldebrand, Community Services, City of Hickory Police Dept. – Hickory (NC), April 2019, 201904

“We really like the analytics aspect of the sign. It’s the most important feature to us. The sign helps us to better utilize our resources. Knowing when the peak of the speeding problem is occurring and being able to put officers there during that time to enforce the speed limit is very helpful.”

— Deputy Chief Adam Bogart, City of Channahon Police Dept. – Channahon (IL), January 2019, 201901

“One thing I’ve noticed that regardless of whether you are speeding or not, when you see that sign you slow down.”

— Chief Brian Waits, City of Oxford PD – Oxford (AL), December 2018, 201812

“We are able to show data to city leaders when their constituents have complaints. The signs gives us the facts to back up what is actually going on out there.”

— Lt. Jason King, City of D’Iberville PD – D’Iberville (MS), October 2018, 201810

“Folks are definitely noticing them because they are slowing down, and we get all kinds of requests to have them moved to other streets.”

— Capt. Andy Vaughn, City of Ellisville PD – Ellisville (MO), October 2018, 201810

“There have been a couple of roads where the problem was worse than we thought. Having the data from the signs brought the issues to our attention and we were able to step up enforcement on those roads.”

— Lt. Jason King, City of D’Iberville PD – D’Iberville (MS), October 2018, 201810

“We chose Radarsign because it was the best bang for the buck.”

— Chief Travis Boyer, City of Windsor Police Dept. – Windsor (IL), September 2018, 201809

“We use the StreetSmart software for data collection. We download it and keep it on hand, so if there is a complaint we can see what was going on.”

“We like the wi-fi model more than the bluetooth connection because it is 10x faster when downloading data.”

— Michelle Mila, Engineering Technician – Village of Bloomingdale – Bloomingdale (IL), September 2018, 201809

“When we put the signs out there, the pedestrians can see how fast the cars are actually going. It’s a good educational tool for drivers and pedestrians.”

“They work great and are very effective. It works well for us because it is something the residents can see us doing. It is something they can touch and feel. We can’t always put a car out there.”

— Xavier Pellicer, Mobility Coordinator -City of St. Augustine- St. Augustine (FL), August 2018, 201808

“We will get a complaint about speeding, so we will move the sign to that area. We are able to pull a report and show the citizen that complained that out of 5,000 cars that passed the sign only 200 were at or above the speed limit. The rest were below. So their perception of speeding drivers is not always accurate.”

“We’ve noticed less speeding. I enjoy using them, and I like the way they work.”

— Officer Shane Allen, City of Pittsfield PD – Pittsfield (IL), August 2018, 201808

“The sign is making a difference, and drivers are slowing down. Residents like the sign and want it to be a permanent fixture on their street.”

— BJ Eringman, Public Works Director – City of Daphne – Daphne (AL), July 2018, 201807

“Overall the radar speed signs work great. Having the StreetSmart software record that kind of data is so valuable. Other signs just alert speeders and then they are done.”

— Officer Casey Huber, City of Greenville Dept. Public Safety- City of Greenville – Greenville (MI), July 2018, 201807

“We are very pleased with our signs. We use them in school zones and downtown. We pull data on occasion, doing before-and -after analysis. The results show a significant drop in speed. The Radarsign signs require minimal maintenance without any headache. We put them out and let them do their job.”

— Mark Nichols, Traffic Engineer – City of Jonesboro – Jonesboro (AR), July 2018, 201807

“We selected Radarsign because it was the most economical, and the TC-400 offered the features we needed. It is much easier to use and transport than a speed trailer.”

— Chief Tim Sittig, Ft. Madison Police Department – Ft. Madison (IA), June 2018, 201806

“We purchased the TC-400 for its portability. It is more convenient and easier to charge and deploy than our trailer… The Marine Sciences CREST Research Park is 8 to 10 miles away from the main campus. There is a single road in and out that serves as a drag strip. When the sign is deployed at that location, it calms traffic very effectively.”

— Captain Todd Curry, Operations Division Commander – UNC Wilmington PD – Wilmington (NC), May 2018, 201805

“They signs work great. They do a good job of giving folks a chance to correct their speed before entering the campground.”

— David Linthakhan, Park Ranger – Cape Disappointment State Park – Ilwaco (WA), April 2018, 201804

“They work great. They are very effective. The feedback is very positive.”

— Anwar Mirza, City of Cotati – Cotati (CA), April 2018, 201804

“I am very pleased with the performance of the radar sign. It has helped considerably with the speed control on one of our busiest streets, and I also like the ability to download traffic data off the device.”

— Brett Mehmen, Public Works Director – City of Tiffin -Tiffin (IA), March 2018, 201803

“We used to have a speed trailer but it didn’t track data. We like the portability of the TC-400 and the data that it provides. It is effective in assuring residents that their speeding concerns are being addressed.”

— Mark Bushnell, City Engineer – City of Sycamore – Sycamore (IL), January 2018, 201801

“We used to borrow radar speed trailer from the county sheriff. But whenever we asked for it, it was always being used. A nearby community had the TC-400, we liked how it could be moved around. We bought multiple brackets so we could easily install it in different locations. It’s a great product.”

“Residents often overestimate speeds by at least 10 mph. When I show them the actual reports, they are grateful that I came by.”

— Tony Green , Police Chief – City of Elroy- Elroy (WI), January 2018, 201801

“The radar sign is doing better than my highest expectations. Thanks for such great service and products.”

— Chief David Semrad, Liberty Police Department – Town of Liberty- Liberty (NC), January 2018, 201801

“Since deploying the signs, we have gotten incredibly positive feedback from the community and members of our neighborhood watch…The size and portability were the important factors, but we also found it was well designed and effective”

— Mike Radzik, Director of the Office of Community Standards – Town of Ypsilanti -Ypsilanti (MI), November 2017, 201711

“They just work. We don’t have to do anything with them. We don’t have to worry about them. When so many things tend to break, we can count on the signs. They have been a real asset to us.”

— Alex Wilmer, Town of Bridgewater – Bridgewater (VA), October 2017, 201710

“The data from the signs helped us identify one area that we thought had a speeding problem. But we learned it was much worse than we thought. People are ecstatic about the sign. It does slow traffic. The sign helps in two ways. It slows drivers who are speeding and it informs residents who think cars are speeding that they often are not.”

— Chief Bob Longo, City of Milton Police – Milton (DE), September 2017, 201709

“The signs have been really great. They have increased public awareness and goodwill. We have seen a real improvement in our traffic situation. Roughly 80% of local people and 70% of those passing through are slowing down now.”

— Ted Beck, City of Dupuyer – Dupuyer (MT), September 2017, 201709

“We use the sign to calm citizens’ concerns about speeding in their neighborhoods. Those who have a problem, we put it in their yard and share the results with them. We also post it on Facebook so the community knows what is going on.”

“Often people standing in their yard watching cars pass think that the cars are going much faster than they are. This shows residents the true speed.”

— Chief Boyd Woody, City of Camden Police Dept.- Camden (AR), June 2017, 201706
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