Customer Reviews and Testimonials

What our customers are saying about our radar speed signs

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“We like Radarsign because the signage is not too large, it fits very well with what we are trying to accomplish with aesthetics and it is helping us accomplish our traffic-calming goals.”

“There is a cost savings with Radarsign because we get fewer calls from areas where signs are installed. And, our citizens feel well served.”

— John Maloney, Traffic Engineer – City of Alpharetta (GA), June 2010, 201006

“There is a school zone as you drive into Vidalia. As cars come in drivers see the sign and they slow down. And, because we don’t have to keep an officer posted there all the time now, the signs solve a manpower issue, which also helps with budgeting–an important factor in this economy.”

— Captain Randy Clark, Vidalia Police Department – Vidalia (GA), June 2010, 201006

“Our Radarsign driver feedback signs are used primarily in school zones, as permanent mount signs. But the design is flexible enough to allow us to rotate the signs to other locations throughout the summer months, when the schools are closed. That’s an added benefit of these signs.”

— Traffic Engineer – (CA), June 2010, 201006

“Cars come blazing into town at 75 mph. The Radarsign driver speed signs are great reminders that drivers need to slow down. It’s nice to see the brake lights come on.”

— Traffic Engineer – (CA), June 2010, 201006

“We bought Radarsign because of cost and features, including: larger readout, battery power, no down time with snow even when the solar panel was covered with snow. It is pretty dependable.”

— Bryan Hansen, Director, Graegle Community Services District – Town of Graeagle (CA), June 2010, 201006

“The 4 signs are located in the neighborhood and we have noticed they do work to slow the drivers down and the residents are happy with the signs. We have not had any complaints, only positives.”

— Todd Cooper, Director of Operations, Concord Township (OH), May 2010, 201005
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