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Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today.

Here is what our customers have to say about us:

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“The signs are a reminder to residents to keep their speed in check, and it is a reminder that the town board is looking out for their safety”

— David Shaw, Administrator/City Clerk – Town of Middleton -Verona (WI), January 2017, 201701

“We looked for alternatives to our old speed trailer, we liked the Radarsign TC-400 because it could fit in the back seat of the patrol car and be relocated so easily.”

“The signs definitely slow down the speeders. They 100% work.”

— Sgt. Kyle Girard – Town of Rotterdam Police Dept.- Rotterdam (NY), January 2017, 201701

“This is the first year that the city can plan to use radar signs on main thoroughfares in the winter because, unlike speed trailers, these will not interfere with snow plows. They will not have to be moved when the streets need to be cleared.”

“We can use them almost anywhere, even on streets that were previously inaccessible to speed trailers.”

— Nick Castellini, Traffic Analyst, Public Works Dept. – City of Fairfield – Fairfield (OH), December 2016, 201612

“Our safety program is very employee oriented. Employees fill out O&Fs (observation and feedback). Speed was one of their concerns. The driver feedback sign from Radarsign enabled us to address the issue.”

— Buster Cole, Chief Safety Officer -Phifer, Inc.- Tuscaloosa ( AL), December 2016, 201612

“It is working great. There has been a really good response. The townspeople are impressed. It is very easy to move. We absolutely love it. We leave the brackets up so that we can easily move it from one place to another.”

— Stephen Sampson, Police Officer – Town of Bradford Police Dept. – Bradford (VT), November 2016, 201611

“Everything’s working great. We are very pleased with the battery life of the TC-400. It lasts two weeks, just as you said it would.”

— Bob Beaver, City Engineer – SEH Inc. -LaPrairie (MN), October 2016, 201610

“In my opinion there is no other product like yours. They are very well built. The ability to retrieve the traffic statistics is well done and the reports showing the trending are very helpful.”

— Chuck Adams, Director of Operations– River Ridge Comm. Dev. District -Bonita Springs (FL) October 2016, 201610

“The ease of hanging the TC-400 is so convenient. We purchased extra mounting brackets so that we can move the signs around quickly. They are so much easier to install than our old speed trailer.”

— April Alterio, Administrative Services Coordinator – Vinton Police Dept. – Vinton (VA), September 2016, 201609

“The city plans to use the traffic data to secure grants for sidewalks and other street improvements. The StreetSmart software has been very helpful with gathering the information that city operations need to develop the grant proposals.”

— Lieutenant Mac Cowand, Administrator/Head of Patrol– Waveland Police Dept.– Waveland (MS), August 2016, 201608

“Before the signs were up, the cars didn’t slow down, especially the big trucks. After the signs were installed, I can see people up ahead slowing down. Everybody hits their brakes.”

— Wendy Carter, City Clerk – City of Hoschton– Hoschton (GA), July 2016, 201607

“We added some speed bumps, but some drivers treated them like launching pads. When we installed the feedback signs, they slowed the cars.”

— Bob Wiese, University of Kansas Medical Center – Wichita (KS), June 2016, 201606

“When I started comparing Radarsign to other signs, I found that Radarsign had everything that I liked. I knew I could stop my search.”

— Bob Wiese, University of Kansas Medical Center – Wichita (KS), June 2016, 201606

“Within two months of installing the sign, a drunk driver crashed and wiped out the sign. When city workers retrieved it from the side of the highway, we were shocked to find that it wasn’t destroyed. The signs are made fantastically. Some minor repairs needed to be made and it was like new.”

— Terry Willet, City Clerk – City of Flemington (GA), June 2016, 201606

“We used the sign for a period of time without the display to monitor the speeds. After we turned on the display, we saw a real difference. They are definitely effective.”

— Officer Bob Dally, DeBeque Marshal’s Department – DeBeque (WI), June 2016, 201606

“We chose Radarsign because we had purchased from them before and they had good service and good quality.”

“The speeds have reduced tremendously and we have gotten really good feedback from our citizens. Really good feedback.”

— Chief Jesse Patton, Locust Grove Police Department – Locust Grove (GA), May 2016, 201605

“The signs are working well. From my unmarked vehicle, I have watched as cars react to the sign. It has slowed them down dramatically.”

— Chief Alex Collinge, City of Eureka Police Department – Eureka (IL), March 2016, 201603

“I really like that they are made in America. That means a lot to me.”

— Chief Alex Collinge/City of Eureka Police Department – Eureka (IL), March 2016, 201603

“We recently reduced the speed limit on our railroad tracks to 10 mph. We were looking for options to keep the locomotives within the speed limit. This has helped them reduce their speed and things are running pretty smooth now.”

— Tim Chatman, Nucor-Yamato Steel – Blytheville (AR), March 2016, 201603

“To address traffic complaints from the community, we wanted to see data to verify the speeding issues, including the times and speeds. From that information, we could determine the appropriate response and choose how we deployed our resources. The Radarsign speed sign is doing this for us.”

— Lt. Paul Lenzmeier, Anoka County Sheriff’s Department- Andover (MN), March 2016, 201603

“The Radarsign driver feedback signs are working wonderfully and are doing what we need them to do. They pick up the speed of vehicles a good distance away and are a great reminder to drivers not to speed.”

— Major Eric Gattiker, Deputy Chief/University of Georgia – Athens (GA), October 2015, 201510

“We put up several Radarsign driver feedback signs and there’s no question they’ve made a difference. The signs are hard to miss and they slow drivers down.”

“We installed a Radarsign driver feedback sign in a school zone and I definitely feel our roads are safer because of them.”

— Ricky Williams, City Clerk, City of Muscle Shoals – Muscle Shoals (AL), September 2015, 201509

“Our Radarsign radar speed signs do their job in slowing people down, and make a huge difference in regards to manpower assignment.”

— Chief Dan Thurston, Madison Police Dept. – Madison (IN), September 2015, 201509

“We have three new Radarsign driver feedback signs in Helena and when people approach them, we see their brake lights come on. I don’t think drivers realized how fast they were going until the signs were installed.”

— Mike Seymour, Traffic Signal Technician , City of Helena – Helena (MT), September 2015, 201509

“The Radarsign driver feedback signs really help. We’ve put them in school zones and when people drive through, everyone sees their speed and it slows drivers down.”

— Terry Hagen, Public Works Director/City Engineer, City of El Centro – El Centro (CA), September 2015, 201509

“Radarsign was chosen because it was the complete package, easy to assemble and the price coincided with our budget. We found Radarsign, weighed the pros and cons of their radar speed signs vs other signs and purchased the Radarsign brand.”

— Natalie Britton, Project Administrator, NRG Engineering – Thompsons (TX), August 2015, 201508

“We really like the Safety in a Box package that Radarsign offers. The instructions were simple and straightforward and the installation was quick and easy. The pre-installed anchor bolts in the Sonotube form made it very buildable.”

“The signs are very visible to motorists, even on rainy nights.”

— Paul Coffelt, City Traffic Engineer – City of Lynwood, Lynwood (WA), November 2014, 201411

“We like the radar sign. People respect it.”

— Russell Smart, City of Tyler – Tyler (TX), November 2014, 201411

“Everybody is happy with the sign. We haven’t had a speeding complaint since the sign has been up.”

— Mary Campbell, City Clerk, Town of North Redington Beach – North Redington Beach (FL), October 2014, 201410

“Radarsign was recommended by the county sheriff’s department. The signs work great and we have heard from people who say it is slowing traffic.”

— Amanda Anglin, Finance Officer, City of Ipswich – Ipswich (SD), October 2014, 201410

“The sign is working great. The batteries last longer than expected.”

“We are very, very satisfied with our purchase.”

— Corps of Engineers, The Dalles Dam – The Dalles (OR), September 2014, 201409

“Many drivers didn’t pay attention to the speed limit dropping when they entered the city. We installed Radarsign speed signs at both ends of the street. We began to see brake lights immediately after installing the signs. “

— Mike Jones, Mayor – Town of Hull (GA), July 2014, 201407

“They are an effective tool for determining whether conditions warrant the deployment of human resources.”

— Officer Jamie Adkins, Ann Arbor Police Dept – Ann Arbor (MI), June 2014, 201406

“We first operated the signs in stealth mode and gathered data for a baseline. After the signs were was turned on fully functional, there was a 30-40% reduction in speeding violators. “

“The installation of the signs was straightforward and easy.”

“It’s an effective traffic-calming solution that doesn’t cost a lot. It has been a good return on investment.”

— Mark Nichols, Traffic Engineer – City of Jonesboro (GA), June 2014, 201406

“During pick-up and drop-off times, 20% of the cars were speeding with some going as fast as 35 mph. After installing Radarsign’s driver feedback sign, only 8.5% are speeding, a 57% reduction!”

— Ron Lattanze, Parent/Traffic Committee, The Raleigh School – Raleigh (NC), June 2014, 201406

“Teachers are telling us that cars are slowing down when kids are arriving and leaving the schools.”

“There are less complaints about speeding in the school zones since we implemented the program.”

— Deputy Luke Fryberger, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Dept. – Evansville (IN), June 2014, 201406

“They are working very well and the residents of Danbury are very happy with the program.”

— City Traffic Engineer, City of Danbury – Danbury (CT), April 2014, 201404

“When we were looking at different models of radar signs, we were most concerned about durability in the Alaska weather. The six signs have held up throughout the coldest months of the winter.”

“The Radarsign signs are working. You can tell just by standing near the sign. You can watch the cars react and slow down.”

— Bill Butler, City of North Pole – North Pole (AK), March 2014, 201403

“Drivers are even stopping at the stop signs more now. We have very few phone calls from homeowners complaining of reckless drivers anymore.”

— Mario Barjon, Head of Security, St. Ives Country Club – John Creek (GA), February 2014, 201402

“The difference is drastic. They are no longer speeding like they used to. Before installation, we were seeing 3-4 tickets per month with average ticketed speeds of over 42.5 MPH. After installation, we’ve seen only 3 tickets in last 5 months. Now 90% of drivers are driving below 33MPH.”

“If the industry experts were all saying Radarsign was the best choice, that was enough for me.”

— Joseph Karr, Wedgewood HOA – Columbus (OH), Ocotober 2013, 201310

“We have only one patrol officer. People complain about speeders but we can’t keep an officer everywhere. This is like our second police officer.”

— Police Chief Jimmy Sparacello, Tickfaw Police Department – Tickfaw (LA), October 2013, 201310
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