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Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today.

Here is what our customers have to say about us:

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“Our Radarsign radar speed signs do their job in slowing people down, and make a huge difference in regards to manpower assignment.”

— Chief Dan Thurston, Madison Police Dept. – Madison (IN), September 2015, 201509

“We have three new Radarsign driver feedback signs in Helena and when people approach them, we see their brake lights come on. I don’t think drivers realized how fast they were going until the signs were installed.”

— Mike Seymour, Traffic Signal Technician , City of Helena – Helena (MT), September 2015, 201509

“The Radarsign driver feedback signs really help. We’ve put them in school zones and when people drive through, everyone sees their speed and it slows drivers down.”

— Terry Hagen, Public Works Director/City Engineer, City of El Centro – El Centro (CA), September 2015, 201509

“Radarsign was chosen because it was the complete package, easy to assemble and the price coincided with our budget. We found Radarsign, weighed the pros and cons of their radar speed signs vs other signs and purchased the Radarsign brand.”

— Natalie Britton, Project Administrator, NRG Engineering – Thompsons (TX), August 2015, 201508

“We really like the Safety in a Box package that Radarsign offers. The instructions were simple and straightforward and the installation was quick and easy. The pre-installed anchor bolts in the Sonotube form made it very buildable.”

“The signs are very visible to motorists, even on rainy nights.”

— Paul Coffelt, City Traffic Engineer – City of Lynwood, Lynwood (WA), November 2014, 201411

“We like the radar sign. People respect it.”

— Russell Smart, City of Tyler – Tyler (TX), November 2014, 201411

“Everybody is happy with the sign. We haven’t had a speeding complaint since the sign has been up.”

— Mary Campbell, City Clerk, Town of North Redington Beach – North Redington Beach (FL), October 2014, 201410

“Radarsign was recommended by the county sheriff’s department. The signs work great and we have heard from people who say it is slowing traffic.”

— Amanda Anglin, Finance Officer, City of Ipswich – Ipswich (SD), October 2014, 201410

“The sign is working great. The batteries last longer than expected.”

“We are very, very satisfied with our purchase.”

— Corps of Engineers, The Dalles Dam – The Dalles (OR), September 2014, 201409

“Many drivers didn’t pay attention to the speed limit dropping when they entered the city. We installed Radarsign speed signs at both ends of the street. We began to see brake lights immediately after installing the signs. “

— Mike Jones, Mayor – Town of Hull (GA), July 2014, 201407

“They are an effective tool for determining whether conditions warrant the deployment of human resources.”

— Officer Jamie Adkins, Ann Arbor Police Dept – Ann Arbor (MI), June 2014, 201406

“We first operated the signs in stealth mode and gathered data for a baseline. After the signs were was turned on fully functional, there was a 30-40% reduction in speeding violators. “

“The installation of the signs was straightforward and easy.”

“It’s an effective traffic-calming solution that doesn’t cost a lot. It has been a good return on investment.”

— Mark Nichols, Traffic Engineer – City of Jonesboro (GA), June 2014, 201406

“During pick-up and drop-off times, 20% of the cars were speeding with some going as fast as 35 mph. After installing Radarsign’s driver feedback sign, only 8.5% are speeding, a 57% reduction!”

— Ron Lattanze, Parent/Traffic Committee, The Raleigh School – Raleigh (NC), June 2014, 201406

“Teachers are telling us that cars are slowing down when kids are arriving and leaving the schools.”

“There are less complaints about speeding in the school zones since we implemented the program.”

— Deputy Luke Fryberger, Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Dept. – Evansville (IN), June 2014, 201406

“They are working very well and the residents of Danbury are very happy with the program.”

— City Traffic Engineer, City of Danbury – Danbury (CT), April 2014, 201404

“When we were looking at different models of radar signs, we were most concerned about durability in the Alaska weather. The six signs have held up throughout the coldest months of the winter.”

“The Radarsign signs are working. You can tell just by standing near the sign. You can watch the cars react and slow down.”

— Bill Butler, City of North Pole – North Pole (AK), March 2014, 201403

“Drivers are even stopping at the stop signs more now. We have very few phone calls from homeowners complaining of reckless drivers anymore.”

— Mario Barjon, Head of Security, St. Ives Country Club – John Creek (GA), February 2014, 201402

“The difference is drastic. They are no longer speeding like they used to. Before installation, we were seeing 3-4 tickets per month with average ticketed speeds of over 42.5 MPH. After installation, we’ve seen only 3 tickets in last 5 months. Now 90% of drivers are driving below 33MPH.”

“If the industry experts were all saying Radarsign was the best choice, that was enough for me.”

— Joseph Karr, Wedgewood HOA – Columbus (OH), Ocotober 2013, 201310

“We have only one patrol officer. People complain about speeders but we can’t keep an officer everywhere. This is like our second police officer.”

— Police Chief Jimmy Sparacello, Tickfaw Police Department – Tickfaw (LA), October 2013, 201310

“Residents loves the signs, we have had a ton of compliments. Right now we have put them at our community swimming pool since it is summertime and there are so many children crossing the street”.

— Chief Jerome Hill, Woodward Police Department-Woodward (IA), July 2013, 201307

“Radarsign gives officers the ability to better manage their time and the flexibility in how we monitor and enforce speed limits.”

“We picked Radarsign after looking at four manufacturers and liked that it was armored and durable against vandalism.”

— Captain Walter Horton, Carrboro Police Department – Carrboro (NC), July 2013, 201307

“As traffic approaches the Radarsign speed sign, they slow down tremendously to meet the posted speed”

— Deputy Chuck Davidson, Campell County Sheriff’s Dept – Mound City (SD), March 2013, 201303

“Residents of our HOA were complaining about speeding and wanted speed humps. After much research I determined that the best solution was driver speed signs from Radarsign, not speed humps. Almost immediately after installing the signs, complaints about speeding stopped. “

— Angie Bowman, Milolii Beach Club Association – Hawaii (HI), March 2013, 201303

“From the website to the purchase to the easy installment: This is the “BEST TRAFFIC CALMING TOOL OUT THERE TODAY!”

— Angie Bowman, Milolii Beach Club Association-Hawaii (HI), March 2013, 201303

“We purchased the Radarsign drive speed sign due to complaints and traffic accidents in the area. Residents have contacted us saying that they have noticed that traffic has slowed down in the area and are happy.”

— Paul Tobin, Village of Morton Grove – Illinois (IL), March 2013, 201303

“Prior to installing the signs, trucks were speeding and rolling over. Since we installed the Radarsign speed sign, we haven’t had any rolled trucks!”

— Ian Drazin, Clearwater Paper Company, March 2013, 201303

“In one area we were having problems with speeders in a 45 zone going into the school zone of 25 and the other area was part of a safety project- where we are upgrading the school zone area.”

“Parent’s have called thanking us for looking out for their children.”

“From the first day we installed it near the school zones we noticed lots of brake lights so we know drivers are slowing down.”

— City of Cedar Rapids (IA), November 2012, 201211

“We purchased the 4 signs to be used on a long street that connects the residential area leading into and out of the school university. We noticed lots of speeding on this long stretch of road so they have placed 2 signs east bound 2 signs west bound.”

“The administrative staff have noted that they are noticing people are slowing down and that has made them very happy with our purchase.”

— Old Dominion University, Norfolk (VA), October 2012, 201210

“We have used two brands of driver speed signs but feel Radarsign speed signs are easier to install and set up than the competitor speed signs.”

— Ricky Scearce , Quality Construction – Danville (VA), April 2012, 201204

“I have noticed a significant difference since the installation of the Radarsign speed signs deterring speeders.”

— Jody Savoie, Jefferson Parish – Harahan (LA), April 2012, 201204

“Radarsign speed signs have made motorists aware of their speed, which helps with the safety of our road crews.”

— Don Handley, Far North Supply-Conoco Phillips – Anchorage (AK), April 2012, 201204

“We were so happy with the effect of Radarsign speed signs we purchased in the past, that—when the time was right— we purchased two additional Radarsign speed signs.”

— Lt. Steve Brennan, Wilton Police Department – Wilton (CT), April 2012, 201204

“We notice a big difference when the Radarsign speed sign is in place making drivers more conscious of their speed.”

— Captain Doug Weaver, City of Nappanee Police Department – Nappanee (IL), April 2012, 201204

“We have received positive feedback from employees who notice a big difference in drivers’ speed. The Radarsign’s speed signs are working great!”

— John Templeton, Sim Supply-United Taconite Mining – Forbes (MN), March 2012, 201203

“The Radarsign speed signs have received positive feedback from the community. They have a calming effect on drivers who prefer the feedback signs over patrol officers.”

— Jennifer Stauff, Property Manager for Black Diamond Ranch – Lecanto (FL), January 2012, 201201

“We were so happy with our original four signs by Radarsign that we purchased 10 more. The driver speed signs from Radarsign have greatly curbed speeders in our densely populated communities –no longer are we seeing folks speed 81 mph in a 30 mph speed zone.”

— Jeff Moore, Municipal Utility District 3 – Pearland (TX), December 2011, 201112

“Radarsign is a high-end product which fits in with our upscale community.”

— Michelle Murray, Westshore Yacht Club – Tampa (FL), December 2011, 201112

“We love that our Radarsign speed signs are transportable. They help our patrol unit officers, who are extremely busy, deter speeders.”

— Darrel Carbone, Security Director for Mirasol Community Association- Palm Beach Gardens (FL), December 2011, 201112

“Radarsign is a high-end product which fits in with our upscale community.”

— Michelle Murray, Westshore Yacht Club – Tampa (FL), December 2011, 201112

“We used a “Safe Routes to School Grant” to purchase three driver feedback signs from Radarsign based on their reputation of slowing drivers and being durable. The signs operate well and are deterring speeders.”

— Sgt. Mike Davis, Belton Police Department – Belton (MO), November 2011, 201111
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