Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Radarsign is a trusted source for the best quality radar speed signs on the market today.

Here is what our customers have to say about us:

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“The Radarsign speed signs help the police department because drivers can now police themselves.”

— Assistant Chief Dave Jeseritz, City of Helena Police Department – Helena (MT), October 2011, 201110

“Radarsign makes it safer for pedestrians to cross the street.”

— Lt. Steve Brennan, Wilton Police Department – Wilton (CT), October 2011, 201110

“The Radarsigns have a wonderful ability to make people slow down and deter their speeding. The signs work great!”

— Tim McNamara, Bladensburg Police Department – Bladensburg (MD), September 2011, 201109

“Radarsign’s StreetSmart data collection software is very easy to use once it is installed. And the Radarsign speed signs are easy to use, they really are plug and play. The signs have helped considerably in slowing drivers by making them aware of their speed.”

— Josh Strength, Deputy Security Operations Coordinator, Chevron – Pascagoula (MS), August 2011, 201108

“We have noticed a huge difference in slowing drivers’ speed on our production plant site. The Radarsign speed sign is really effective!”

— Abe Peterson, Setton Farms – Terra Bella (CA), August 2011, 201108

“The solar power works really well. We get a lot of snow and the unit was placed in a shady location, however ours has always worked. We’ve observed signs by other manufacturers that didn’t perform in the snow…they didn’t have power.”

— Pamela Hall, Lawson Hill Property Owners Co, Managing Director, March 2011, 201103

“Radarsign’s Street Smart software allows us to download data that gives us insight to how many violators we actually have and where to place the signs to deter speeders.”

— Maria Fuentes, Severn Trent Mgmt. – Town of Celebration (FL), March 2011, 201103

“We used our Radarsign driver speed sign without display and recorded an average speed of 50 MPH. After turning on the driver feedback display, speeds averaged 35 MPH. That’s a pretty significant drop.”

— G.J. Anderson, Sr. Traffic Signal Tech, Sun City/Oro Valley – Sun City/Oro Valley (AZ), August 2010, 201008

“We installed our Radarsign driver speed sign in April. Your assistance before and after the sale has been outstanding. Most importantly, it works great. It most definitely has improved the safety of our little village.”

— Grant Blackwell, Grayton Beach POA (Property Owner’s Assoc) – Grayton Beach (FL), July 2010, 201007

“We tried our first signs by Radarsign as tests and liked them so much that we ordered more.”

— Susan Montgomery, Transportation Planner, City of Sarasota – Sarasota (FL), July 2010, 201007

“We put out one sign and received a tremendous volume of requests from other residents who want signs too, and bought another. I can’t say enough good things about these signs.”

— Dale Kortz, District Manager, Forest Lakes – Metro (CO), July 2010, 201007

“Radar speed signs have been very, very popular with our citizens and we now have a long wait list of people and communities who want a sign in their area.”

— Rick Nys, Traffic Engineer – Clackamas County (OR), July 2010, 201007

“We bought the Radarsign ‘Safety in a Box’ and that was very convenient.”

— Susan Montgomery, Transportation Planner, City of Sarasota – Sarasota (FL), July 2010, 201007

“The Radarsign solar-power system and battery-back up work really well, even with the low-sunlight winters we have here in Amador. We have never lost power with our signs, which was kind of surprising considering how much snow we get.”

— Romy Cua, Assistant Civil Engineer – Amador County (CA), June 2010, 201006

“The Radarsign speed signs have been very, very effective at increasing speed limit compliance by park visitors and park employees, alike.”

“Service and support by the Radarsign team, when we’ve needed it, has been excellent.”

“The signs work with our volume of cars. For example, on the Fourth of July holiday weekend, the park sees about 40,000 to 55,000 cars come and go through the gates.”

— Sgt. Dennis Abel, Division Commander – Stone Mountain Park (GA), June 2010, 201006

“We like Radarsign because the signage is not too large, it fits very well with what we are trying to accomplish with aesthetics and it is helping us accomplish our traffic-calming goals.”

“There is a cost savings with Radarsign because we get fewer calls from areas where signs are installed. And, our citizens feel well served.”

— John Maloney, Traffic Engineer – City of Alpharetta (GA), June 2010, 201006

“There is a school zone as you drive into Vidalia. As cars come in drivers see the sign and they slow down. And, because we don’t have to keep an officer posted there all the time now, the signs solve a manpower issue, which also helps with budgeting–an important factor in this economy.”

— Captain Randy Clark, Vidalia Police Department – Vidalia (GA), June 2010, 201006

“Our Radarsign driver feedback signs are used primarily in school zones, as permanent mount signs. But the design is flexible enough to allow us to rotate the signs to other locations throughout the summer months, when the schools are closed. That’s an added benefit of these signs.”

— Traffic Engineer – (CA), June 2010, 201006

“Cars come blazing into town at 75 mph. The Radarsign driver speed signs are great reminders that drivers need to slow down. It’s nice to see the brake lights come on.”

— Traffic Engineer – (CA), June 2010, 201006

“We bought Radarsign because of cost and features, including: larger readout, battery power, no down time with snow even when the solar panel was covered with snow. It is pretty dependable.”

— Bryan Hansen, Director, Graegle Community Services District – Town of Graeagle (CA), June 2010, 201006

“The 4 signs are located in the neighborhood and we have noticed they do work to slow the drivers down and the residents are happy with the signs. We have not had any complaints, only positives.”

— Todd Cooper, Director of Operations, Concord Township (OH), May 2010, 201005
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