TC-400 and TC-400A

The TC-400 is a portable, battery powered radar speed sign that was designed to easily be moved and used in different locations. 

With a modular design, the front radar speed sign housing and the rear battery housing of the sign cabinet detach from each other, providing maximum ease of portability. The TC-400 includes a universal mounting bracket that can be installed on any size/style pole in just a couple of minutes. Additional brackets left on poles allow you to create a circuit to regularly rotate the sign location with ease, allowing same day response to speeding complaints. Just unlock the sign from the pole and move it to another location. It’s that quick and easy.

The TC-400 is a valuable investment for any community, police department, school, or business…and a great alternative to speed trailers.

Advantages of the TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign vs. Speed Trailers

  • Flexibility: A portable radar speed sign can be used in many places a speed trailer simply will not fit and can be securely mounted to an existing pole with a pre-installed bracket in less than a minute. NO TOOLS are required.
  • Portability: Allows same day response to speeding complaints
  • Value: You can get 2 or 3 portable radar speed signs for the price of one speed trailer
  • Intelligent: Allows you to confirm speeding times and rates
  • Design: Radar range up to 1200 feet away; radar housing weighs only 26 lbs.; rugged design defeats most vandalism; and the TC-400 includes a two year warranty.

TC-400 speed display is easily readable up to 400 feet away, and is ideal for roads with traffic speeds of 5-55 mph.

NEW! AC Model Now Available!!

The TC-400A, an AC powered model designed for parking decks and indoor warehouse use, is now available!!

TC-400 and TC-400A Radar Speed Sign Specifications

TC-400 | 400A Radar Speed Sign Spec Sheet