TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign

Lightweight. Portable. Installs in Minutes! Your Rapid Response Traffic Calming Solution

The TC-400 is a portable, battery powered radar speed sign that can be used in multiple locations, making it a valuable investment for any community, police department, school, or business. Using multiple back brackets on existing poles allows a regular rotation of the radar speed sign for ongoing traffic calming. Additionally, it allows same day response to speeding complaints. Just unlock the sign from the pole and move it to another location. It’s that quick and easy.

The TC-400 speed display is easily readable up to 450 feet away, and is ideal for roads with traffic speeds of 5-55 mph.

Advantages of a Portable Radar Speed Sign vs. Speed Trailers

  • Flexibility: A portable radar speed sign can be used in many places a speed trailer simply will not fit and can be securely mounted to any existing pole in just 2-3 minutes
  • Portability: Allows same day response to speeding complaints
  • Value: You can get 2 or 3 portable radar speed signs for the price of one speed trailer
  • Intelligent: Allows you to confirm speeding times and rates
  • Design: Radar range up to 1200 feet away; radar housing weighs only 26 lbs.; rugged design defeats most vandalism; and the TC-400 includes a two year warranty.


TC-400 Portable Radar Speed Sign Specifications