Reduce Speeding to Save Lives and Budgets

Though many drivers do not believe that speeding is as risky as other behaviors, the Nevada Highway Patrol wants to remind everyone that driving faster does increase the change of serious injury or death, according to CarsonNow

Of all traffic-related deaths in Nevada in 2018, 92 were speeding-related. Currently, speeding-related deaths compose one-third of all traffic-

related deaths in the state, which include driver, pedestrian, and bicyclist fatalities.

The total annual cost to society for speeding-related crashes could be as high as $40.4 billion per year. With state budgets suffering from the current economic state, there is more motivation than ever to keep people safe as well as save taxpayers money. 

Government’s can proactively communicate with speeding drivers by using Radarsign brand radar speed signs. These signs are a cost effective solution that are proven to reduce speeding, which can save taxpayers money as well as save lives in the communities where they are placed.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing