Mobile Patrol Stand

A radar speed sign mounted on a Mobile Patrol Stand is ideal for use locations where traffic calming is needed on a temporary or rotating basis.

Mobile Patrol Stand Features:

  • Allows radar speed sign to be easily be moved to different locations as needed
  • Fits into a standard pick-up truck bed
  • Powder coated 36″W x 33″D safety orange steel base with four anchor holes ensure stability | 58 lbs.
  • Your choice of 3.5 OD aluminum pole | 6 ft. (20.25 lbs.) or 8 ft. (27 lbs.)
  • Two long-life 10-inch solid wheels (22.5 lbs. total)
  • Optional: Fixed regulatory SPEED LIMIT sign; Interchangeable SPEED LIMIT sign
  • Compatible for use with the TC-400 radar speed sign model

Mobile Patrol Stand Product Sheet

Ideal for use in locations where the traffic pattern or activity changes throughout the day including:

    • School crossings
    • Multi-modal terminals
    • Controlled campus roads
    • Dock traffic
    • Primary facility entrance
    • Forklift traffic
    • Parking decks