Safety in a Box

Radarsign’s Safety in a Box is a all inclusive sign package with everything needed for installation except the shovel and the concrete. All that is required is digging a hole, pouring the concrete, and installing the sign. It’s that easy.

Safety in a Box Product Sheet

Safety in a Box Package includes:
Solar radar speed sign model (AC power model optional) TC-600 TC-800 TC-1100
LED Display Size 13” display 15” display 18” display
YOUR SPEED Faceplate
Available in white, yellow, fluorescent yellow/green, and safety orange
28″W x 33″H 30"W x 36"H 36"W x 48"H
Universal pivot mounting bracket set & heavy duty lock for bracket yes yes yes
Standard solar panel with mounting bracket 50 watt 50 watt 80 watt
Regulatory speed limit sign with sign extender bracket set 24”W" x 30"H 30”W x 36”H 30”W x 36”H
Aluminum pole & stainless steel mounting hardware for poles
up to 4.5 O.D.
12 ft. 13 ft. 16 ft.
Square breakaway pole base and pole cap | Crash test certified yes yes yes
Concrete form for the pole base | includes mounted anchor bolts
& rebar (For use with the standard aluminum pole only)
yes yes yes
StreetSmart Traffic Data Collection & Reporting Software: yes yes yes
2 year warranty on parts & labor, including batteries yes yes yes
Hyper-Alerts ™ yes n/a n/a
Hyper-Alerts ™ 80 watt n/a n/a
Optional black decorative pole yes yes yes
Optional octagonal base yes yes yes