Safety in a Box

Radarsign’s Safety in a Box is a all inclusive sign package with everything needed for installation except the shovel and the concrete. All that is required is digging a hole, pouring the concrete, and installing the sign. It’s that easy.

Radarsign Safety in a Box package

















Safety in a Box Bundle includes:

  • TC-600S solar radar speed sign with 13″ full matrix LED display (AC power optional)
  • 28″W x 33″H YOUR SPEED faceplate with 4″ high lettering; available in white, fluorescent yellow/green, and safety orange
  • Speed Violator Alerts:
    • Standard alerts include:
      • Slow flash of actual speed or fast flash of actual speed
      • SLOW DOWN message
      • TOO FAST message
    • Optional alert choices:
      • Chevrons (right or left facing)
      • Smiley face
      • Fine alert
      • Red/blue strobe (alternating)
      • Simulated camera flash and white strobe
  • 50 watt standard with mounting bracket (65 watt optional) 
  • Two 12V 18 amp hour AGM batteries
  • Regulatory speed limit sign (24W” x 30″H) and sign extender bracket set;
    Choose from 10, 15, 20, 25 , 30 or 35 MPH
  • 3/8″ aluminum Bashplate provides maximum vandal resistance
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware included for poles up to 4.5″ OD
  • Concrete form for the pole base; includes mounted anchor bolts and rebar (aluminum pole only)
  • 12 ft. aluminum pole with square breakaway base and pole cap (crash test certified); Optional black decorative pole is available
  • Possum switch: Vandalism prevention security feature that puts the sign to sleep for 30 minutes when the impact sensor detects that the sign has been hit, making the sign appear as though it is no longer functioning
  • Wi-Fi enabled: allows access to program signs from most web enabled devices (Apple, Android, Windows, etc.
  • StreetSmart traffic data reporting software
  • 2 year warranty on parts and labor, including batteries

Radarsign Safety in a Box Product Sheet

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