TC-1100 Full Matrix Radar Speed Sign | 18″ LED Display

The TC-1100  is a full matrix radar speed sign offering a versatile solution for traffic management with a range of features:

  • Display: The TC-1100 features a 18″ LED display, ensuring that speed and message displays are easily readable from a distance of up to 1100 feet.

  • Power Options: This model is available in both AC-powered and solar-powered versions, providing flexibility in deployment based on your specific needs and available power sources.

  • Speed Range: The TC-1100 is designed for roads with traffic speeds ranging from 45 to 100 mph, making it suitable for use on urban streets, rural roadways, and in higher-speed zones.

  • Full Matrix Display: With its full matrix display, the TC-1100 offers multiple display options, allowing you to convey not only speed information but also messages and graphics, enhancing its utility and versatility.


TC-1100 Full Matrix Radar Speed Sign Specifications

TC-1100 Full Matrix Radar Speed Sign Spec Sheet