Why is it important to work with an MUTCD-compliant manufacturer?

RS.II.IllegalSpeedSigns.KCRAGood stewardship of taxpayer resources starts with a little bit of research. This is especially true with traffic calming efforts as there can be overlap between local, state and federal jurisdictions. Skipping the credentialing stage could result in costly mistake.

This news story out of Sacramento County illustrates exactly why municipalities must ensure that they are working with a radar speed sign manufacturer that is aware of and adheres to government guidelines.  

Radarsign’s armored driver feedback signs are MUTCD compliant.  This is no accident.  Since 2003, when Radarsign’s armored design was still a concept, government guidelines for safety, readability and reliability have been been a primary focus. In fact, before the first sign was built, we asked industry experts to tell us what they did NOT like about existing radar speed signs and we engineered those things OUT of our design.  From the very beginning,our signs have been developed and manufactured for a purpose: to slow speeding drivers and be fully compliant with federal guidelines..


Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing