Radarsign Options & Accessories

Radarsign has radar speed sign options and accessories to extend functionality and maximize the value of your investment.

Mobile Patrol Stand

A radar speed sign mounted on a Mobile Patrol Stand is ideal for use locations where traffic calming is needed on a temporary or rotating basis.

  • Adds mobility to your traffic calming efforts
  • Fits into a standard pick-up truck bed
  • Your choice of 6 ft. or 8 ft. aluminum pole
  • Compatible with the TC-400 model

Trailer Hitch Mount

Allows the quick and easy relocation of the radar speed sign to targeted locations where traffic calming is needed on a temporary basis.

  • Ideal for hazard zones and special events
  • Maximum mobility
  • Will operate +/-2 weeks on two fully charged battery packs
  • Easy to store in most vehicle trunks


Hyper-Alerts™ are flashing beacons integrated into the YOUR SPEED faceplate of the TC-600 radar speed sign model, delivering a more compact and cost effective solution compared to traditional beacons. By clustering the LEDs into a smaller footprint, the same light from a typical flasher becomes an urgent notification for the driver.

Pole and Base Options

Radarsign offers a variety of pole and base options for use with our radar speed signs.

  • Round aluminum or decorative black fluted aluminum poles
  • Pole bases include square or octagonal aluminum bases, or a black decorative base for a more architectural look.