Dinosaurs Were Unwelcome Traffic Calming Tools

dinosaurLong Beach officials were forced to return to the drawing board when residents complained about the dinosaur-shaped bike racks installed on Wardlow Road in the El Dorado Park area. The fanciful bike racks were just the latest in a string of attempts, including several construction-based options, to slow speeding drivers along the 45 mph street. All have been rejected by residents. The dinosaurs have since been replaced by trees, which in drought-stricken California, has not been without controversy either.

Each one of these failed traffic-calming “solutions” has cost the residents of Long Beach valuable time and money. One safe-bet traffic-calming option for the city to consider: radar speed signs. They are almost universally welcomed by residents seeking to make their communities safer. Plus, these devices intentionally and effectively slow speeding drivers. And, because driver feedback signs from Radarsign™ can be installed quickly, their impact is immediate. 

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing