Law Enforcement Emphasizes the Dangers of Speeding

 Traffic calming measures, like driver speed signs from Radarsign, play an important role in saving lives and keeping communities safe. When you look at statistics for automobile accidents (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), particularly those involving fatalities, speeding is overwhelmingly the common factor. The faster the driver is going, the more distance he or she travels before stopping and the greater the force of impact on collision. Here’s what officers have to say about the dangers of speeding:

Jesse Grabow

For every 10 mph you drive over the speed limit, your chances of getting seriously injured or killed if you are in a crash are double.Trooper Jesse Grabow— Minnesota State Patrol.

captain doug weaverWe notice a big difference when the Radarsign speed sign is in place making drivers more conscious of their speed.” — Captain Doug Weaver, City of Nappanee Police Department –Nappanee (IL)

“As traffic approaches the Radarsign speed sign, they slow down tremendously to meet the posted speed” — Deputy Chuck Davidson, Campell County Sheriff’s Dept – Mound City (SD)

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing