Driver Feedback Signs: The Solution to Maximize Tight Traffic Calming Budgets

Each year, the Austin, TX transportation department receives dozens and dozens of requests for traffic calming solutions from local residents who want to slow speeding drivers. The requests come from residents living on streets with high volumes of crashes where speed has been a contributing factor in numerous accidents, some involving pedestrians or bicycle riders. Driver speeds are often 5 – 20 miles above the posted speed limit.

However, the annual budget could only accommodate 14 projects featuring expensive street islands, pedestrian island and speed bumps. Of course, not every traffic calming need can be answered with driver feedback signs. But, what if prioritization criteria also weighted for locations where affordable, effective options like radar speed signs could work? Perhaps even more streets could be made safer. And there would be no wait: driver feedback signs can be installed and implemented immediately without all the hassle and mess that comes with construction projects.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing