More Proof that Motorists Need to be Reminded of How Fast They are Driving

speed+gun+bypassStudies show, and law enforcement officers confirm, that speeding drivers become desensitized to their speed. Radar speed signs tell drivers exactly how fast they are going, reminding them to slow down, which can save lives. Especially in construction zones where speed limits are reduced.

 As is often the case, motorists have a feel for how fast they normally travel on a particular stretch of road, so when the speed changes they do not adjust (“Autopilot Drivers”). As just one example, Lt. Ronnie Roberts with the Charlottesville Police shares observations about drivers in construction zones where the speed was recently reduced to 25 mph, “Most of the motorists are traveling about 35 which was the speed before.”

Driver feedback signs from Radarsign are an ideal solution to help drivers adjust to new speed limits, whether the change is permanent or temporary.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing