Radarsign Posts Another Banner Year in 2019: 15th Consecutive Year of Growth, Enhanced Product Debuts and Record DOT Customers 

MARIETTA, Ga., February 4, 2020 Radarsign, the manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed sign, continues to experience record-breaking sales success. For the 15th consecutive year, the Marietta, Georgia-based manufacturer saw year-over-year sales growth across all customer categories, which include law enforcement agencies, municipalities, corporate campuses and government entities.

“You’ll find Radarsign driver speed signs in every kind of setting imaginable from multi-lane roadways in major cities to the grounds of private manufacturing facilities to isolated, two-lane rural county blacktops,” explained Charlie Robeson, co-founder and managing partner of Radarsign. “We’re especially pleased to report that, nationwide, 64 percent of all state Departments of Transportation are Radarsign customers.”

Other Radarsign 2019 highlights include: 

  • 25% growth year-over-year 
  • 30% of sales came from repeat customers, up from 25% in 2018
  • Radarsign increased sales by more than 50% in 14 states, including California, Texas, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, and Maryland.
  • 64% of all state Departments of Transportation in the U.S. do business with Radarsign
  • Rollout of Cloud Service 2.0

“It’s one thing to experience growth in a crowded industry — especially one where everyone thinks they know what the customer needs,” Robeson said. “Radarsign has never taken that assumptive approach, and our continued growth and market ownership (or market share) reflects that. We don’t rest on past accomplishments, because we know what an impact safer streets have on communities. That’s why you see so many of our customers returning: they know the value of well-designed products, they trust our products, and they rely on our innovation, like the enhanced features in Radarsign’s Cloud 2.0.”

Radarsign CloudTM Safety Management system 2.0 debuted during summer 2019, providing an easy and convenient way for customers to manage their network of Radarsign driver feedback signs anytime, anywhere. 

This secure, cellular modem, remote cloud management system lets customers edit their sign operation settings, see system alerts, and review traffic data reports, from any internet-connected device. Ultimately, Radarsign Cloud 2.0 saves time and money by eliminating the need for resources to be deployed to the field to manage individual signs, in turn reducing operating costs like fuel, vehicle maintenance and employee training. 

Radarsign Cloud is compatible with the TC-600 and TC-1000 models and can be added to existing TC-500, TC-600, and TC-1000 signs already in the field. For key features and more information about Radarsign Cloud, visit https://www.radarsign.com/radarsign-cloud/.

About Radarsign

Radarsign manufactures the premier U.S.-made radar speed sign used across the USA, Canada, and U.S. military bases overseas. Radarsign radar speed signs are effective because they leverage feedback loops, a concept which states that providing people with information about their actions in real time and giving them an opportunity to change those actions, pushes them toward better behaviors — action, information, reaction. In areas considered to be “autopilot journey” destinations, drivers often break the speed limit, brake too late or don’t stop at pedestrian crossings. Strategically placed, radar speed signs can serve as triggers, stimulating drivers to transition from autopilot to attentive.

Since the company’s founding in 2004, Radarsign™ Brand Radar Speed Signs have established new industry standards for traffic calming solutions with the debut of the world’s first armored driver feedback signs. Radarsign radar speed signs are vandal-, weather- and bullet-resistant. They are also the traffic calming industry’s most durable, most ecological and most energy-efficient radar speed signs. 

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, all base Radarsign models are MUTCD-compliant and utilize recycled aluminum, innovative LED reflector technology, minimal battery power and solar panels to deliver bright, easy-to-read feedback to drivers. Radarsign products are scientifically proven to reduce drivers’ speeds and have been entrusted to provide safe and effective traffic calming solutions for: municipalities, treasured national parks, schools, neighborhoods, military bases, and private and public development projects across the U.S., Canada and overseas. www.radarsign.com.