Radarsign® Sales to Law Enforcement Agencies Surge by 88 Percent

Radarsign Celebrates: 10 Consecutive Years of Revenue Growth, a Decade of Year-Over-Year Increases in Signs Sold, Now One of the Top Two U.S. Suppliers of Radar Speed Signs

Newsrealeaseimage1-14ALPHARETTA, Ga., January 23, 2014 —Law enforcement communities across the nation are embracing driver feedback signs from Radarsign™ in record numbers according to 2013 sales trends released today by Radarsign.  The manufacturer of the world’s first armored radar speed signs, Radarsign saw 2013 sales to police and sheriff departments increase by 88 percent over 2012.

This is the 10th consecutive year that the Atlanta-based company has documented a year-over-year increase in both revenues and numbers of signs sold. Consistent upward growth in product, sales and fiscal expansion are also behind Radarsign’s rise to become one of America’s top two suppliers of radar speed signs in only 10 years.

In addition to law enforcement, Radarsign saw continued momentum in sales to municipalities and schools.  The driving factor behind decisions to purchase Radarsign products, according to customer satisfaction surveys, is a combination of rugged dependability, effectiveness and affordability.  

“There is a school zone as you drive into Vidalia,” said  Captain Randy Clark of the Vidalia Police Department in Vidalia, Georgia.  “As cars come in drivers see the sign and they slow down. And, because we don’t have to keep an officer posted there all the time now, the signs solve a manpower issue, which also helps with budgeting–an important factor in this economy.”

A commitment to serve the law enforcement community has been an integral part of the Radarsign ideology since the company was founded.  As a former Georgia State Trooper, Co-founder and Managing Partner Ken Bass has always considered the development of Radarsign as an opportunity to supplement the public safety efforts of local law enforcement.  

“Law enforcement officers are not solely focused on enforcing the law. Educating the public is also important,”  says Ken Bass. “Radarsign driver feedback signs do just that. They remind drivers of the speed limit and tell them when they are driving too fast.”

Radar speed signs from Radarsign are scientifically-proven to reduce drivers’ speeds without impacting the environment, roads or driver comfort. By reducing car speeds, Radarsign products make streets safer for pedestrians, drivers and law-enforcement officers and save lives.

“Working with officers across the nation has led to some of our most innovative solutions,” said Charlie Robeson, Radarsign co-founder and managing partner. “Radarsign’s new modular and ultra portable armored speed sign, the TC-400, was specifically designed in response to law enforcement needs.”

About Radarsign® Brand Radar Speed Signs:
In 2004, Atlanta-based Radarsign® established new industry standards for traffic calming solutions with the debut of the world’s first armored driver feedback signs.Radarsign radar speed signs are vandal-, weather- and bullet-resistant. They are also the traffic calming industry’s most durable, most ecological and most energy efficient radar speed signs. Engineered and manufactured in the USA, all Radarsign models are MUTCD-compliant and utilize recycled aluminum, innovative LED reflector technology, minimal battery power and solar panels to deliver bright, easy-to-read feedback to drivers. Radarsign products are scientifically proven to reduce drivers’ speeds and have been entrusted to provide safe and effective traffic calming solutions for: municipalities, treasured national parks, schools, neighborhoods, military bases, and private and public development projects across the U.S., Canada and overseas. www.radarsign.com.