Speeders Wreak Havoc on San Antonio Subdivision

FenceWhile good fences may make good neighbors, frequently wrecked fences are costing the residents of one San Antonio neighborhood.  The city conducted a traffic study last year to address the concerns of Maverick Creek residents, near the University of Texas. Residents claim that motorists are driving too quickly on the dangerous, curved road behind their neighborhood.  Corroborating the serious nature of this problem, one resident, Matthew Prater, reported that drivers have crashed into his back fence nearly 15 times in the last six years alone. This last collision came just weeks after he repaired it from the last wreck.

The City has installed curve warning signs and painted chevrons on the road, notifying  motorists to slow down for the curve ahead. An e-mail from the City to the San Antonio Police Department states, “We are continuing to look for additional mechanisms that can be utilized to assist with this concern”.  

Driver feedback signs are the missing ingredient. Drivers on dangerous roadways, especially, should be informed when they exceed the posted speed limit. Connecting the curve warning sign and speed limit with the proven effectiveness of radar speed signs, would make an immediate impact. Driver feedback signs from Radarsign can be installed expeditiously and inexpensively. That is why they are increasingly being included in comprehensive traffic calming plans nationwide.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing