Throwback Thursday: Busy urban neighborhoods take the initiative to slow speeding drivers

SignOriginally posted Feb. 2010, this is a great refresher: An early success story about the installation of driver feedback signs in busy urban neighborhoods shows what happens when residents take the initiative to slow down speeding motorists on their own streets. The signs perform double duty as they both slow down drivers and collect data, making them extremely useful to the Wildwood Park and North Buckhead neighborhoods trying to solve their traffic issues. What they determined was that the speeding was reduced as drivers approached the sign. Since most of the drivers had been driving 10 or more mph over the limit, this decrease could mean the difference between whether or not a pedestrian survived being struck by a vehicle. An interesting note here is that the majority of speeders were the residents themselves. 

The Ansley Park Civic Association, representing another Atlanta community, installed Radarsign equipment to slow speeders and track speeding data. As part of a comprehensive traffic-calming strategy, they are sharing this data with law enforcement who can reinforce their efforts with time-targeted ticketing. As drivers have become more distracted in their vehicles, Radarsign products are increasingly necessary to help us keep an eye on our speed and our focus on safety.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing