Traffic Calming Measures can be Divisive

No CirclesWhere there is traffic, there will be speeding. That is incontrovertible. What is debatable is how a community should best address the speeding. One traffic-calming strategy that is becoming more commonplace is roundabouts. These one-way circular intersections direct traffic around a raised center island. Supporters advocate that roundabouts slow traffic without causing the back-ups of a traffic light.  Still, these costly construction-based devices are not without controversy.

Some residents of San Diego and Washington, DC are unhappy about projects in their neighborhoods. According to the opponents, the roundabouts are confusing, dangerous, ineffective or too expensive. The San Diego roundabout is estimated to cost $1 million. Implementing appropriate traffic-calming measures can be a painstaking process. The installation of driver feedback signs from Radarsign™ is one strategy that is effective, affordable and almost universally welcomed by communities.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing