Speed Bump Installation is a Lengthy Process

RoadResidents seeking a remedy to dangerous driving in front of their homes often ask civic leaders for speed bumps. However, the process for installation of these devices can be lengthy and fraught with obstacles. Because of the shortcomings and safety considerations, city officials are hesitant to implement speed bump programs.

 A situation in Ohio gives us a great peek into the process:

Residents of Granville recently received the results of a traffic survey which confirms that vehicles are speeding past their homes on East Elm Street. In addition to a reduction in speed limit and a “No thru street” sign, homeowners have asked for speed bumps. Village management is reviewing the request, but—in addition to the upfront costs—must also consider the mechanics of implementation, police and safety issues, and liability. These ongoing maintenance costs will impact budgets for decades.  Additionally, officials are concerned about the hindrance to snow plows, so no action will be taken before spring.  In the meantime, vehicles will continue to speed down East Elm.

Driver feedback signs from Radarsign™ could be the the ideal solution for the Village of Granville. They are effective, affordable and do not hinder emergency vehicles or snow plows. And, the impact is immediate.

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing