Vancouver Solicits Traffic Calming Ideas from Citizens

Drive25In 2015, the City of Vancouver is asking residents to submit their own ideas to reduce speeding in their community as part of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program. In its third year, the program has dedicated $170,000 to implementing new traffic calming projects, including radar speed signs.  

Last year, the city offered residents brightly colored yard signs featuring simple reminders to drive safely.  

“Slow down. Watch for children.”

“It’s your neighborhood. Drive 25.”    

While the signs were very popular, there is no data about their effectiveness. Static signs generally have little impact on speeders. Fortunately, this spring Vancouverites can submit a proposal for the installation of radar speed signs–which are scientifically proven to be an effective traffic calming solution. The signal lights flash actual driver speeds, alerting motorists to excessive speeds. Studies have repeatedly shown that most drivers are more likely to slow down in response to the reminder.  

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing