Uber’s New “Movement Street Speeds” Is to City Planners as Radarsign’s Streetsmart Software Is to Police Departments

Uber Movement Street Speeds (UMSS) launched this month in five cities: New York City, Seattle, Cincinnati, Nairobi and London. Leading up to this, in 2017 Uber launched Movement.com with a goal to create, “a website that uses Uber’s data to help urban planners make informed decisions about our cities.”

Uber launched UMSS in response to a common theme repeated in many discussions, there is a “need for reliable and easily-accessible road speed data.” Since Uber is available 24/7 it can capture data during all hours of the day, days of the week and months of the year. This data can help urban planners as they further develop the infrastructure of cities and spend their budget wisely.

In much the same way, Streetsmart traffic data reporting software—when used with Radarsign radar speed signs—can help local law enforcement agencies. The software captures driver speed data that can identify peak travel times and peak times for speeding. Those agencies can then allocate man power to monitor, patrol and enforce these areas during the most problematic times.

This method worked for Lt. Paul Lenzmeier of the Sheriff’s Department in Anoka County, Minnesota. “To address traffic complaints from the community, we wanted to see data to verify the speeding issues, including the times and speeds. From that information, we could determine the appropriate response and choose how we deployed our resources. The Radarsign speed sign is doing this for us,” said Lt. Lenzmeier.

Streetsmart software is versatile because it can provide daily, weekly and extended monthly charts as well as comparison charts. It is offered as an add-on to any of the Radarsign radar speed signs and can even be used with a portable sign, which can be moved to different locations.

Radar speed signs from Radarsign equipped with the software benefit drivers by flashing the vehicle speed to the driver. Giving them real-time feedback allows them the opportunity to slow down. AND, for law enforcement and city officials, the signs with software provide valuable data that can help with future traffic-calming plans.

Data capture and analytics is one of the world’s most powerful tools. Radarsign puts this into the hands of government leaders and law enforcement agencies for pennies a day. Find out more here: https://www.radarsign.com/traffic-data-reporting/

Charlie Robeson: Radarsign™ Co-founder & Director of Sales and Marketing